Self serve lanes gone 06-17-2011

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Letter to the editor by D.I. Larson

Here we go again! Because some people cannot behave, act like grown-ups, be fair, be honest, everyone must be dragged down to their level. We are constantly being forced to the lowest, lowest, lowest common denominator.

Who wants to live like that? It makes life difficult for those who do have common sense, and a moral compass. Constantly others have to accommodate those who do not have a shred of a conscience.

What is a business to do when its merchandise is walking out the door unpaid for? They take out their self serve lanes, that is what they do.

It matters not that those lanes were a tremendous convenience to those who used them, honestly.

Why? Why do we keep tolerating this type of behavior, and allow these crooks to make our lives complicated, and inconvenient? Every time I must once again stand, and wait in a long line, I will not be happy, and I will be muttering under my breath. Where are the crooks now? They are off pulling another scam on some unsuspecting business. What do these people say to God, if they go to church on Sunday? Why bother?

If you have never been poor, you might be inclined to find excuses for such behavior. However, if you have been poor, there is NO rationalization for such behavior. Doing without TVs or cell phones, or fancy clothes, yeah, even food is no big deal. Many of us did it for prolonged periods of time. We were patient and waited until we were able to afford such things, and then pay for them. It did not kill us.

This lane problem is happening at the bottom of society, but this kind of mentality exists at the top of the heap as well. This phenomenon is not a matter of strata, but a sense of entitlement. Some of us are more entitled than others. I had to be one of the unlucky ones, born with common sense, and a conscience. Drat!!!! No free stuff for me.

D.I. Larson