Seat belts and crashes

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A South Marion Citizen editorial

It was a deadly weekend in Marion County. First four people died in a crash in the overnight hours as a vehicle crammed with seven people headed from Tucker, Ga., to Miami rolled over in a single-car accident.
Then another accident claimed the life of a man and injured a couple of small children.
Of those 10 people, it isn’t known if three in the second wreck were wearing seat belts. It is known that only one person in the four-fatality accident was wearing a belt, and that person was not facing life-threatening injuries.
At this writing on Monday morning, we still don’t have all the details of an 11-car accident on the Interstate in Sunday’s storms, but at last count no one had died in that wreck.
If all that doesn’t send a message, It’s hard to imagine what would.
We’ve never really been in favor of government telling us what to do in our own cars, especially when it affects no one but ourselves.
However, when you see the stark statistics about injuries and fatalities in accidents, it’s hard to believe that there are still so many people who don’t hook up their seat belts voluntarily.
If you’ve never been to an accident scene where people have been thrown from a vehicle, well, we hope you don’t get to see one. It isn’t pretty. Many times, the person thrown from a vehicle, especially on a busy highway, isn’t killed then, but is struck and killed by another vehicle that can’t avoid them.
So even if it weren’t the law, we would encourage people to wear their belts. As the old commercial used to say, the life you save may be your own.