Scrooged again

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Letter to the editor by Jerry Segovis

The seniors are being Scrooged again. Washington is arguing again that the cost of living did not increase this past year so they have decided that those with the least will not receive an increase to their meager income. Never mind that millionaires and billionaires will not have to pay their fair share of taxes for the next two years to help our economy. Never mind that medical costs and health care insurance have increased for seniors and never mind that fuel prices have increased for all of us.

We can see that the tax cuts are being extended for the very rich for the next two years, so why are the unemployment benefits only being extended for one year. I feel that an acceptable compromise between the Republicans and the Democrats could have been an equal extension of time for the tax cuts and the unemployment benefits. Maybe the president is just not a good negotiator to notice the unfairness of this deal that allows the health benefits to expire in one year and the tax breaks to expire in two years.

Has anyone else noticed that in two years the Congress will be up for re-election and will again be negotiating tax cuts for the rich? Tax breaks for the rich should only be applied to those who invest and actually create jobs for Americans to help our economy. Those who are fortunate enough to be wealthy (several athletes and movie stars come to mind) can pay the same tax rate that applied at the end of the Clinton presidency when the country was even paying off the deficit.

The unemployed have found out for a fact that tax breaks only happen to those who actually have jobs. The rest of us can see how important it is to the Republicans to give tax money back to the rich and just borrow more from our children's future to have a feel-good economy.

Jerry Segovis