School bus rules work both ways

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A South Marion Citizen editorial

Last week we urged you to be careful around school buses. We warned you about the laws regarding traffic stopping for buses. But there are a couple of additional concerns, this time from the other side of the issue.
First, the hours that our schools are making children wait for buses are ridiculous. Monday morning, while it was still dark, young children were out on the corners waiting. Some, fortunately, were with parents. To make the kids get out this early almost borders on cruelty to the young ones. At least let them stay home until daylight.
The second involves another issue that has annoyed us for years. Monday morning in the predawn hours, a school bus southbound on Southwest 60th Avenue stopped to pick up a couple of children. Traffic dutifully stopped along with it and the two children got on the bus.
Then the bus just sat there, with its lights flashing, for a solid two minutes, with no children in sight to get on the bus.
Now, two minutes may not seem like a lot, but when people are trying to get to work, it’s downright annoying to sit behind a stopped school bus that isn’t taking on children.
School officials are constantly bemoaning the fact that people don’t stop properly for school buses that are taking on children. Well, school officials need to emphasize to the bus drivers that it works both ways. They should not abuse the privilege of stopping traffic by just sitting there without doing anything.
Maybe we can chalk this up as a first-day-of-school glitch. But we’ll be watching in the future, and we’ll be making sure that the school bus drivers have respect for the other drivers around them.