The scams keep coming to the area 06-03-2011

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A South Marion Citizen editorial

It seems that the longer the economy struggles, the more the scammers go to work.

A gentleman named Bob Murphy came into our office the other day and followed up with this letter.

“We received a phone call yesterday from a blocked phone, with a man stating something about us winning a so-called lottery and/or $35,000 cash.

“I immediately questioned this since we had not entered any contests of this nature. He mentioned Publishing Clearing House and Reader's Digest and if we shopped at Walmart.

“I asked him his name and phone number which he stated was James Monroe and calling from Las Vegas at 702-412-5588. He had a slight accent so I was suspicious about his name and I asked what his name was before he changed it. He said James Monroe was his name and that I had in fact won $35,000 cash.

“I was not interested in further discussion and hung up the phone.

“The phone rang again shortly thereafter with "Blocked number" but we did not answer and have had nothing further, so far.”

He asked us to alert others as to things that are “too good to be true.”

This comes on the heels of a warning from the Sheriff’s Office about some fake checks circulating concerning Fire Rescue and the Clerk of Courts.

Please remember a couple of simple rules, in addition to the “too good to be true” admonition.

You can’t win a lottery that you don’t enter.

Never send anyone money if they initiated the call. Whatever you’re ordering, you will probably never see it.

The best way to assure that things are legitimate is to shop locally. Walk in to a store and buy your items there, or order through a well-known catalog that you know to be legitimate.

Keep you money safe. Let’s face it, someday you’re going to need it.