Running out of gas on road to ruin

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By Robert E. Beckner

Plainly speaking, our government is clearly out of control in so many ways it’s not even funny. A lot of our real enemies are in Washington, D.C. Their actions daily are causing America to self-destruct. We are borrowing $2 billon a day from our enemy, China, to support our economy so the public won’t know how bad the current recession really is.

If China wanted America to collapse, all they and the other creditors such as Japan would have to do is to call in our loans and notes. We could never pay up.

Our health care costs are out of sight, along with drug costs – and our politicians won’t lift a finger to change the problems. It is claimed Social Security will be broke in a few years – so much for the “phony” lockbox theory.

Our bridges and roads are deteriorating and funds set aside for repairs are spent on bike paths and parks and dozens of other things not even closely related to roads.

The government just absolutely refuses to stop illegal immigrants, whether by a fence, electronic security, unmanned planes or in any manner, despite the full knowledge that the public wants it stopped, clearly ignoring the people’s wishes. They let the illegals invade our country, knowing the constitution says the government’s main job is to protect our borders.

So these illegal criminals cause border hospitals to close, doctor costs to zoom out of control, welfare is rampant, free education is also demanded and, oh yes, we also have to feed them. They work illegally at lower wages and force American workers also to work for less pay, thus Americans have a lower standard of living.

The illegals are “protected,” not even reported to police due to various city or state laws. Some cities give them protected status, sanctuary cities, in violation of federal law and the government refuses to take any action.

They also will not take action against large employers who are known to have thousands of illegals working for them. They should be fined heavily for each illegal worker as per the law.

The government bails out mortgage companies, lenders, brokers and even the buyers of homes they knew they couldn’t afford and everyone else involved knew they were breaking the laws, yet the government doesn’t care. The only ones hurt are the legitimate home buyers with higher interest, loans harder to secure, etc.

Gasoline is a whole other story. Many reasons claim it costs so much – all of them could be corrected tomorrow and the government again sits doing nothing. They refuse to see the rapidly rising costs, as to where this is going to end up.

Fuel costs have jumped 62 percent in the last year. It may come to truckers parking their 18-wheelers in the streets, which will just close down the government until Congress meets and announces a top price for fuel to be no more than, perhaps, $2 a gallon.

This might require nationalization of oil companies and refineries like they did in WW II that made sure we all had gasoline at a reasonable fixed price. We are in a war and in an emergency and 90 percent of the people would applaud such an action. Can gas rationing be far behind?

How do you think Americans feel when they see such obscene profits being made by oil companies, some $40.6 billion profit in 2007 by Exxon alone, and its president’s new salary of $20.7 million for this year. Airline fuel has jumped 62 percent since April 4, 2007. Four airlines closed down in a week due to rising fuel costs, causing several thousand jobs lost in four companies.

Our foreign policy is also partly a cause for food prices being driven up. Our food exports have gone way up. We sell our corn to China and India since they are developing countries and we must help them – says who?

We use our corn for ethanolyet we know it doesn’t help mileage – it only reduces it and actually hurts the engine. Farmers plow under other crops to grow more corn.

Our weak dollar hasn’t helped keeping food prices stable. We should be concentrating on Americans having plentiful food and not at inflated prices.

Our households spent 72 percent of their income on food in 2006 compared to only 22 percent in Poland, and 4 percent in Egypt and Vietnam.

Here at home, eggs are up 25 percent, milk and other dairy products up 13 percent, chickens and other poultry products 7 percent – all in the past year.

Keep this up and there are liable to be food riots like in a third world country.

When we went into Iraq we were told their oil would pay all our expenses for the war. Now five years later, and continued lies on the subject, we find our government is finally admitting Iraq should pay more of the costs to rebuild their hospitals, roads (not ours) power stations and lines, etc.

It seems we have been “granting” Iraqis all this money; now some in Congress want the future money to be loans. Congress appropriated $47.5 billion since 2003, with most of the funds now spent.

In 2006 and 2007, Iraq spent only $2.9 billion of its designated $163 billion in reconstruction efforts. Clearly it’s past time for them to step up to the plate and start spending some of that large surplus they are holding.

On top of it all ,we have to stop what will happen in November if we allow liberals to gain control of Congress and the presidency. They want to raise every tax we currently have.

We cannot allow them to weaken America in the eyes of our enemies by pulling our troops out of Iraq too quickly, which would for sure insure chaos, not only in Iraq but throughout the Middle East.

Government doesn’t work. That’s the first lesson we must learn if we want to improve society. ee Harry Browne.

Robert E. Beckner lives in Majestic Oaks with his wife, Sarah. He is a retired private investigator and insurance adjuster. He has also been a photographer and served with the Military Police in the Marine Corps.