A rose by any other name ee

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By Wendy Binnie

Let’s see. The president has been in office 31 days, including his inauguration and weekends. Some mercifully unnamed pundit said, “The bloom was off the rose.”

If they mean the president they were more hopeful than correct. If they meant the Republican Party they were “right on.” That seems to be the tragic story of the new Republican Party – a party that has been decimated. (This actually means one-tenth.)

It’s a party that shows it is amazingly out of touch with the rest of America; that it is tone deaf; that it is slouching around like Nero fiddling while the country burns; yet it thinks that there is plenty of time for the president to attempt to bring the country back from the abyss while it “contemplates” one of his proposed, hopeful solutions.

No matter that every day another 20,000 jobs are lost. What do they care? They have theirs.

That is the attitude that’s prevalent and not only is it prevalent it seems that they are not content unless they’re rubbing your nose in it. What callous, insensitive people they are and how far they have moved away from not only the mainstream of the party but reality as well.

Does anyone have any doubts any more that the people they invested with responsibility for the last eight years drove us to the brink of destruction? Is anybody still curious about it? Have they been watching the History Channel and agreeing with the Mayan’s arguments; see their calendar 12/21/2012.

Not only did they not see disaster coming, they did everything to exacerbate it. With their limitless greed and hunger to get more, ever more. They seem never to be satisfied.

If that weren’t already enough, if they’re not slouching they preen and strut and blame the Democrats for all that is wrong, seemingly like Alzheimer’s patients who forget that it was they who put us in this spot in the first place. Is this the same kind of memory loss that seemed to affect those responsible for WW II, the kind who suggested that government and its hirelings were “only following orders.”

If so, it isn’t working and it shouldn’t keep them all from being tarred, feathered and run out of D.C. on a rail!

The sad part is that the majority is impacted by a tiny minority.

Let’s take some timeout here and re-introduce the reader to William Blake who wrote The Sick Rose.

O rose thou art sick,

The invisible worm,

That flies in the night

In the howling storm

Has found out thy bed

Of crimson joy:

And his dark secret love

Does thy life destroy.

It has been “explained” in any number of ways as meaning countries, government, people, love and political parties. The previous administration and the present Republicans who survived the November 2008 sweep could be explained by this poem.

The plague of the worm suggests corrupt officials who “fly” by night when everyone sleeps (and no one notices) in a time that is chaotic. “The bed o crimson joy” has been explained as the land and the desire for growth and expansion being destroyed.

Blake was worried that England was being ruined by her own people. And that the beauty in England was going to be destroyed, just like France, by bitter industrial and political revolution.

In this case how many were responsible for destroying the banks and Wall Street? How many specialized in those shoddy loans to make the rich even richer, knowing in their heart of hearts that they were putting their stamp on bad loans that could be condoned only by the greedy – those who have a reservation in Dante’s Inferno.

Now they have forgotten it. They accepted the $350 billion bailout as if it were their due. They paid themselves bonuses, bought their planes, took their vacations and screwed those who have already been screwed beyond belief.

Our new treasury secretary seems to have initiated a plan that would right it all; if that were only so. Yet we realize he is a product of the system, the acolyte of Robert Reuben who aided and abetted decontrol during the reign of Clinton.

Does something ring sour about that? Can we give him the benefit of the doubt? And, if so, can he make it right? Yet, while the general mood is to trust no one, we need to trust the man at the helm and hope to hell he knows what he’s doing.

Sometimes you need to be an optimist and go with the flow – even if those knots in your gut growl and grow more insistent. No matter that most of the folks you know are hurting. That most of the kids on your block won’t get to the college of their choice – indeed, college period. And many may not even get a job the first time out of the turnstile.

For the burgeoning new generation, we can only hope and pray that they will have it as good as their parents before Chicken Little turned out to be correct. And remember, that roses can come back with care, sunshine and water and the ingredients of life.

… As I was saying …

Wendy England Binnie, a novelist and op-ed columnist, lives in Oak Trace Villas. Contact her at smcnews@earthlink.net.