Requests for personal information causes concern

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By Capt. Jim Burton

Recently, I have received and have been told about various messages on cell phones in the form of a text message supposedly from Alarion Bank and an e-mail request supposedly from Community Bank and Trust asking people to verify their personal information.

I have talked with a representative of Alarion Bank who said the text messages are from some type of scammer. I also spoke to a representative from Community Bank who also said these messages are not coming from them. Community Bank says that their Web page has been copied to appear legitimate. I have been cautioned that banks do not call asking for any personal information. So, if you receive such a call, do not give any information and contact your bank.

As we have all been warned, do not provide any personal information to anyone you do not know. If you have a question about your account debit or credit card, go to the bank office and sit down with an employee. If you cannot get to the bank physically, then you should call the bank directly. At least then, you know whom you called.

Obtain your bank’s phone number from your account paperwork, the back of your credit or debit card or the phone book. Do not call the number provided in the e-mail or text message as it may be fictitious, you don’t know who you are calling. It may be a scammer you are talking to.

The fake text messages and e-mails are being investigated and the false sites have been shut down, but be aware.

Capt. Jim Burton is the commander of the Marion County Sheriff’s Southwest District office, 9048 S. W. Hwy. 200. For more information, call 402-6060.