Radio Club meets

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By The Staff

The Friendship Amateur Radio Club held its monthly meeting on July 12 at the Sheriff's Office Brian Litz Building on State Road 200.

President Arnold Hansen, W3BPP, along with other members, demonstrated several of the ARRL educational programs. The club members become exposed to “Ham” radio related subject matter, making it educational for those who may choose to earn a license or perhaps to upgrade. The ARRL provides a variety of programs, enabling the club members to remain current on transmission techniques and on the much newer equipment. This “hobby” has become increasingly exciting with the newer transmission techniques. The club plans to continue to provide programs that will maintain the members' interest.

We urge all members to be present for these demonstrations. The club's website continues to show both the business and secretary minutes. Since the club how has a computer projector, more programs will be planned for the membership.

The FARC is open to all “Hams” and their families. IF you are interested, and not currently licensed, the FARC has instructors who can assist in teaching theory, to help you earn your license.

The FARC meets are the Sheriff's Office on State Road 200 the second Monday of every month. We have members who can offer their expertise in radio and computers. The club's website continues to inform members of the many activities being offered.

The next schedule meeting will be Aug. 9 at 1:30 p.m. For additional information, call Edward Brendle, KA1INC at 352-873-4354.