Quick Care Center coming

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West Marion Hospital expansion

By Amy Ryffel-Kragh

New health care facilities are coming to the area, thanks to expansions at West Marion Community Hospital.

Ginger Carroll, chief executive officer for West Marion, explained the additional services that will be available in the next few months when she spoke at the March meeting of the S.R. 200 Coalition meeting.

A Quick Care Center, she explained, will be housed in the nearly 3,800 square feet of vacant space in the hospital’s medical office. Carroll said the approximately $1 million project will operate as an emergency room for minor injuries like stitches. It will be equipped for x-rays and will have a lab. The facility is expected to be ready by July 1.

Also new to the medical office will be a new digital mammography unit. Film mammographies are currently the standard in Marion County, she said.

Studies have shown that for a patient under the age of 50 years old or for those with dense breasts, a digital mammogram detects lesions better.

She said for those who do not fit into either category, a film mammography is fine. The center will also add a bone density test called the dexa scan.

Additionally, Carroll said, a senior healthcare center is expected open in June behind the Friendship Center.

The primary care center will be strictly for seniors and will cater to their specific needs. For example, the center will help patients get equipment like a hospital bed or will assist with getting home health care seniors. The senior care unit will have a social worker on staff and a pharmacist.

Other new additions in 2009 to West Marion include more beds in the emergency room.

Services at West Marion

West Marion specializes in general medicine, general surgery and offers a variety of outpatient services.

For example, Carroll said, West Marion, which is affiliated with Ocala Regional Medical Center, has the only “true” joint care center in the county.

At the “wellness” center, patients exercise as a group on putting greens and use Nintendo Wii “therapy.”

The community medical center also offers stroke and wound care services.