Put Americans first 05-06-2011

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Letter to the editor by Wayne Rackley

A recent local poll revealed 84 percent of us do not want our taxes raised by any amount and in many cases, want our taxes cut! This is understandable due to the ever increasing cost of living coupled with our unemployment problem. We are being forced to live within our means, cut back in many instances just to survive. This is difficult to do, but necessary. At the same time many feel this common sense logic doesn’t apply to our government, getting upset when there is any talk of cutting back on specific programs that affect us personally.
What does affect all of us is the large number of illegal immigrants who have no regard to our laws, openly defying them and even demanding we accept them as we have legal immigrants throughout our history. We currently have protests/rallies stating we are wrong if we attempt to enforce our border laws. Illegal means they are breaking the law and we should not put up with this travesty any longer. Undoubtedly, many have not realized how much these law breakers are costing each one of us.
As an example, assuming there are 20 million of them here illegally, many feel that is near the correct number, and the total cost for each one (we give them medical care, housing, schooling, welfare, etc., not to mention the crime element), is $10,000, they are costing us $200 billion a year! And we have a spending problem? Quit playing around and get tough like some of our neighboring states are trying to do, send them home!
If anyone reading this disagrees, then why don’t you take it upon yourself to “adopt” a family, that way you will cover their costs and not burden all the rest of us taxpayers who are obeying the law. Illegal is illegal, and one of the Constitutional duties of our government is to protect our borders.
No other country does such a poor job as we have and that is not confined to this administration. What should concern each one of us is that the Fed comes down on any state that is trying to enforce the immigration laws and that should not be tolerated. We are a loving, caring country, but our first concern should be for our fellow Americans and their rights. It’s time we quit worrying about the rest of the world and take care of our own backyard. We get back to doing this and balancing our budget will not be so difficult.
Wayne Rackley