Pushing for Stearns

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Letter to the editor by Morrey Deen

By The Staff

We have a strong, conservative and capable public servant in Congress . . . his name is Cliff Stearns! He is a man who has served Marion County and his Congressional district in an exceptional way.

Congressman Stearns is one of the few elected officials who still holds open town meetings throughout his district. He held several of these meetings in and around Ocala just this summer. In addition, when he is in Washington D.C., Congressman Stearns holds town meetings over the telephone, answering questions from his constituents.

Even though he is a strong conservative Republican, he votes for issues by representing the thoughts and views of the majority of his constituents, which I am very appreciative of as a voter who resides in his district.

I have seen many cases where Stearns voted against his own party -- NAFTA, Leave No Child Behind, the Farm Bill, and special trade status for China are a few examples.

I was disappointed reading the recent letter to the editor. It became clear that the writer is not as informed as he could be or it might be that he is more interested in making partisan attacks than dealing with the facts.

Congressman Cliff Stearns listens to the voters of his congressional district, he votes the conservative will of these constituents and as one of those voters I am very proud of his voting record, his service to this district, his support of our veterans and his commitment to higher education, to name a few.

Obviously, it is the political season and partisanship often tries to overcomes accuracy. I appreciate this opportunity to set the record straight.

Morrey Deen