Purge everyone and start from scratch

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A South Marion Citizen editorial

We’ve all been hearing a lot lately about voter purges, where the state is trying to make sure that all voters are legitimately registered and are American citizens qualified to vote.
For some reason, some people think this is a bad thing. They don’t see to care that some votes are being cast illegally. It comes back to that old cliché: What part of the word “illegal” don’t you understand?”
Yes, there have been a few mistakes. But as far as we know, these mistakes have been caught and repaired, so no legal voter is being denied the right to cast a ballot.
But in the spirit of offering solutions, we’ve come up with one that should satisfy all the people: Purge the voting rolls of all voters after the election in November.
That’s right, get rid of everybody. Make everyone re-register to vote starting in January, making them prove that they are American citizens.
That would clear the voting rolls of those who are ineligible. It would also clear the rolls of those who registered years ago but don’t bother to vote. Chances are, they wouldn’t take the time to go back and register again.
Think back to recent elections. In some cases the turnout is less than 20 percent of registered voters. If it’s around 35 percent, it’s considered an average turnout. If it’s 50 percent or higher, it’s a record-setting turnout.
Well, what about the 50 percent or more who don’t turn out? If they weren’t on the voter rolls, it would speed up time at the polls, make sure that the voters are legal, and maybe the turnouts would be around 80 or 90 percent or so.
At one time, there was a rule that if you didn’t vote for a certain amount of time, your name was automatically purged. We always thought that was a good rule. But for some reason it no longer exists, and now the names of those who don’t vote are on the list, gathering dust, so to speak.
So let’s start over with a clean slate of voters, so those who are eligible to vote have an easier time of it, and those who are ineligible or too lazy to vote can just stay home … where they’ll usually complain about who gets elected.

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