A president says goodbye to a WWII buddy

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President George H. W. Bush and William Donovan served together in WWII. Donovan passed Sunday evening at the Legacy House, but not before he received military respects Friday at a Veterans Pinning Ceremony by volunteer Scott Traxler, and a surprise phone call on Saturday from none other than President George H. W. Bush.

Mr. Donovan’s daughter, Kristina, had told David Companion, ARNP, about her father’s illustrious past (he went on to become a Navy pilot, was a member of the courageous “Air America” CIA front in Viet Nam. Those exploits were made into a movie in 1990 about the secret airline operating out of Laos. Mr. Donovan also founded an aviation magazine,

which he sold to the

Federal Aviation


Companion contacted the Bush Presidential Library and the connection was made. The phone call came, much to the surprise of the Legacy House staff, and the two old war buddies exchanged stories and farewells. Another example of the special things hospice makes possible for patients.