Political bipartisanship 03-25-2011

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Letter to the editor by Jerry Segovis

The representatives for our state and national governments do not have the fortitude to tackle the real problems facing our country today. They have dealt a death blow to working Americans by reducing our income at a time when we are unable to pay the bills and responsibilities of our great society.

The government should learn the lessons from our middle class who have to live within their income. Most families are smart enough to realize not to reduce but maximize their income to have the ability to pay down your responsibilities. Why can’t our present government see this and realize that they are on the wrong track to sustain a decent quality of life for its citizens.

We cannot continue to see corporations move their headquarters off shore and not pay taxes from their multi billion dollar profits each and every year. These corporations are not working to help America but are only concerned for their stock holders and to increase their profits and payments to themselves rather than helping support our country.

How does it happen that when most politicians are elected to office they generally are not millionaires but just average people who only want to serve their country with distinction. Even though a congressman’s salary may appear to be excessive by local standards of income you must also realize the expense of maintaining a residence in your home district and a very expensive residence in Washington D.C. This would put a strain on anyone’s budget trying to work and raise a family.

With this being the case for most politicians how is it possible that after a few terms in congress working for the people they magically retire as millionaires.

Jerry Segovis