Police Report - May 29, 2009

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By The Staff

On May 19, the manager of the Dollar General store on S.W. 86th Circle called the sheriff’s office regarding a theft. He reported three shoppers put merchandise into bags, left the store and then took off in a blue Cadillac, according to a sheriff’s report.

He watched as the two women and man drove across the street to the CVS . 85th Circle, and then left after a few minutes. He then saw the car across the street at Big Lots, off S.R. 200.

A sheriff’s deputy arrived at the Dollar General on S.W. 62nd Avenue, after being alerted that the suspects could possibly be headed to that store, according to a sheriff’s report. When he got into the parking lot, he saw a blue Cadillac in the store parking lot.

The male suspect was standing next to the driver’s side door. When the deputy asked him where the two women were, he said they were inside the store, according to a sheriff’s report.

Deputies went inside and saw one of the shoppers putting an item into her bag. The bag was searched and five shirts were found valued at $30.

The vehicle was then searched and a large amount of suspected stolen property was found. The manager, who reported the incident, arrived at the Dollar General store and identified $59 worth of goods that had been taken from his store.

During the search, $715 worth of various items from the CVS store was also found.

Jamie Lamar Bostick, 38, of Ocala; Kateius F. Johnson, 35, of Ocala and Selina Michelle Brown, 25, of Citra, were arrested and charged with two counts of petty retail theft and one count of grand theft. They were taken to the Marion County Jail. They also received trespass warnings from the stores.

Woman seen driving

slowly on S.R. 200

On May 21, a white Cadillac was seen traveling about 15 miles under the speed limit on S.R. 200, wandering from the outside lane and then back, according to a sheriff’s report. The vehicle then sped up and slowed down again.

When the driver was stopped, the sheriff’s deputy smelled what was believed to be alcohol on the driver’s breath. After performing several field sobriety tests, she was arrested.

Katherine Ann Naranjo, 59, of Ocala, was charged with driving while under the influence. She was taken to the Marion County Jail.

Naranjo took two breath tests, which resulted in .129 and .135 readings. Golf clubs stolen

from Sun Valley home

About 7:30 a.m. on May 21, a Sun Valley resident found his garage door opened, according to a sheriff’s report. The man discovered a set of Calloway Fusions golf clubs in a brown bag and a set of Wilson “Lady Bear” clubs in a pink and black bag were gone. The clubs were valued at $1,900.

The resident of S.W. 41st Avenue is unsure whether the door was left open the night before. Garmin GPS


On May 15, a sheriff’s deputy was flagged down by a man at the intersection of S.W. 49th Avenue and S.W. 103rd Street Road due to his 1999 Ford truck having been burglarized.

He reported that sometime between 7 p.m. on May 14 and 8 a.m. on May 15 someone stole the Garmin GPS receiver from his vehicle, according to a sheriff’s report.

At the time of the incident, the truck had been parked in his driveway on S.W. 45th Avenue.

The GPS was valued at $125.