Pine Run news 3-23-2012

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Candidates provide information to community

By Harry Unger, Jr.
On April 10, the annual elections of the Pine Run Resident Association will take place. As a preface to the election each candidate has expressed his/her own reason for running for office.

As for president, three candidates are vying for this position, namely, Jean Putnam, Darlene Tobia Gravish and Sherry Branham.
Jean Putnam states as follows: “I am running for president of the PRRA Board because of my experience on the board since I lived in the community.
I moved in Pine Run in 2007, and joined the board during February 2008 serving as a Phase director. I have since served as recording secretary and second vice president twice, chaired several holiday parties, worked with the Entertainment Committee and currently working with the Bingo Committee and also published the PRRA newsletter.
“I love the people in this community and I would love to continue serving, and making sure that activities are provided that we all moved here to enjoy in our golden years of retirement. I want to help our by-laws and covenants committees bring our documents into the 21 century.”
Darlene Tobia Gravish states as follows: “My main objective is to help the residents of Pine Run to make this a happy and friendly place for all residents. I have a wealth of experience and knowledge from working with non-profit associations for most of my adult life. Having worked in management for many years, I bring along the experience of having to deal with many different personalities while getting the job done and making it enjoyable at the same time. Give me your vote and your opinion will count.”
Sherry Branham states as follows: “My name is Sherry Branham and I am running for Pine Run Estates’ president because after 12+ years of living here - my time has come to “give back” to the community. Like every group, we have our challenges and I want to redirect the focus back to ‘community’ through ‘social, cultural and recreational’ function and let all the other stuff go away forever. We have strayed from what our purpose is to be and as president, I will make good on my word to return us to our true and sole purpose according to our deed restrictions.”

First vice president
There are two candidates for first vice president, namely Larraine Imperato and Pauline Cummings.
Larraine Imperato stated as follows: “It is my desire to run for first vice president because Pine Run is a great place to live. I currently hold the position as president of PRRA. I served as first vice president on the board for last three years. Furthermore, I have been a member of the Entertainment committee for four years, I have diligently and actively work all major functions.
“If I am elected, I will work with the Board and the community to make Pine Run a wonderful and enjoyable place to live.”
Pauline Cummings stated as follows: “Pine Run has been my home for seven years. In that time, I have held the position of president and phase director on the Board. For several years, I was chairman of bingo, senior games, shuffleboard and kitchen. I also served as second vice president of PROWL, our neighborhood watch group. I would like to help and be involved to keep Pine Run an active and fun community.”

Second vice president
There are three candidates for second vice president, namely, Roy Linton, Glenn Claiborne and Lorraine Brothers.
Roy Linton stated as follows: “We have too many people who make a lot of noise and get nothing done.
“We need to get the residents involved again. If they are allowed to participate at general meetings they will join in and help. We do not need meetings that require you to sign up to speak. Things happen in a community - more will attend meetings and help. But they have to be able to speak without signing up before hand, when they have something to say during the meeting and are not allowed - our meetings have become a disgrace.”
Glenn Claiborne stated as follows: “Glenn Claiborne, formerly a recording secretary 2010-11 and currently second vice president 2011-12. I am running for second vice president for the period 2012-13.
“It is my desire to uphold the integrity of the PRRA Board and to make certain that the by-laws are adhered to by our residents including all chair persons of PR activities.
“I recognize that the Board has a duty to maintain a fiduciary trust to our residents. I want to keep harmony in our community by making it possible that our residents have a clear understanding of what our Board is trying to accomplish which should be beneficial to our community.”
Lorraine Brothers stated as follows: “My name is Lorraine Brothers, and I have lived in Pine Run for approximately 18 years.
“I am running for second vice president on the Pine Run Resident Association Board, because I would like a say in what goes on in my community. I will appreciate your vote. Thank you in advance, Lorraine Brothers.”

Phase III director
There are two candidates running for Phase III Director. One person submitted a statement.
Carmela Vargas-Grant states as follows: “I have lived in the Ocala area for seven years and have been living in Pine Run for three years going on four.
I am currently volunteering at Munroe Regional Medical Center in Prestige 55 since 2006. This is a program for seniors. You have probably seen our magazine in Clubhouse I, called “Prestige 55 Words to the Wise Celebrating Life.”
“I am running for Phase III director at this time, because I feel I could bring more to my neighbors and give myself the opportunity to get to know them. I will represent them for anything that they wish to render on their behalf to PRRA. This will be a good opportunity to meet and greet other residents in Pine Run. It is now a clean slate with new candidates running for several positions. and like me, they all want to make a difference in the community.
It is time to move on, make this a better 55 community, and especially a safe and peaceful place, which for some will be their last home.”  
Hopefully, the statements regarding the desire of each candidate to run for office will initiate a good turnout for the two events, namely, meeting the candidates and the ultimate election,