Pearl Harbor 05-20-2011

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Letter to the editor by Wendy Binnie

To the reader who had the courtesy to call my little aside on Peal Harbor a history, I say thank you. The article was written in response to another reader/writer who had foolishly said that because we have thousands of hunters with rifles they are a matter of national security: "Those large number of rifles are the sole reason we were not invaded by the Japanese during WWII." This outrageous comment begged a response, I had no intention of giving a history of Pearl - just a small lesson on the logistics of refueling all those 'Japanese' invaders. 

I did not wish to go into any theories about FDR and WWII but I did wish to commend Adm. Kimmel, CinCPac, who had the guts on to act on his suspicions and convictions. Because of him no carriers were docked at Pearl that dreadful day.

Wendy E. Binnie