Paws and Claws 5-9-2014

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Next SPCA meeting is May 15

By Maria Devine

Our next meeting will take place on Thursday, May 15, at 1 p.m. in the upstairs meeting room at the Bank of the Ozarks. This is the first meeting after our fundraiser “The SPCA of Marion County’s Gone Bunco”. We will share the details of the big event and discuss new business. Please call our special hotline number at 352-362-0985 for more information about our meeting or to contact us for any reason.
The SPCA is low on dog food for the Pets on Wheels program. This program provides dog and cat food for people with pets who receive Meals on Wheels. Kibble can be dropped off in the SPCA bin at Winn Dixie in Friendship Center. You can also call us and we’ll arrange an alternate pick up or drop off. Please note that we don’t accept any food or treats made in China, so please check before donating. Thank you all for your generosity.

Adoption News
The SPCA is happy to report that our foster dog Toby, the rat terrier, has been adopted into a loving home. We thank everyone who called to inquire about him.
For anyone interested in adopting a very small dog, we are helping a neighbor and another organization place special dogs. First up are Corky and Wren, the adorable Chihuahua siblings pictured here. Their owner died without having a family member or friend available to take them in, so they have been at the Humane Society in Ocala since March 13. Brother and sister are 11 years old, are devoted to one another, and need to be adopted together. Corky and Wren are friendly, healthy and very loving. They walk great on a leash and love to go for walks. At 11, they are spry and active because Chihuahuas can live up to 20 years. So if you adopt them, you can have many happy years together. Please don’t let their age deter you. They get along well with other dogs, even if they’re only 6 ½ lbs. They hold their own when turned out in the pen with the other dogs at the shelter. We don’t know about cats, but at their size, they’re smaller than most cats.
Corky is the black and white spayed female, and Wren is the brown and white neutered male. They have come a long way at the Humane Society since their first day there, when they clung to each other in bewilderment, huddled in a corner. They think that every person who comes in wants to take them back to their home, as if they have been waiting for a vacation to end. The siblings would make perfect companions for a gentle senior person or family, or any gentle person without children who would be too rough for them. Many people who visit the Humane Society come with children in tow and are looking for large active dogs. That’s why we’re highlighting Corky and Wren here. Perhaps you are that special person who can open your heart and home to two loving senior pets in need. To visit or inquire about Corky and Wren, please call the Humane Society at (352) 873-7387.
A neighbor has called us to help place a little Yorkie who needs to find a new home. We don’t have a picture yet, but we all know what a Yorkie looks like. Jack is only three years old and is living in a home with small children, which is inappropriate for such a small dog. Jack’s owner thinks it is best to rehome him so that Jack doesn’t have to worry about children inadvertently injuring him. Please give Erin a call at 352-653-4154 if you’re interested in meeting or learning more about this sweet, loving boy.
We just received a new photo of Arlene’s cats Panda, Smokey and Ebony. Coco is also available, but he didn’t want to come to this food party. They have grown into wonderful cats who need to find their own homes. They have been so well cared for and socialized in foster care that you know you will be getting a great pet. Please call Arlene at 352-875-9761 to meet them.
Until next month remember: “Pets are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole.”