Palm Cay news 10-28-2011

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A fishy tail, but a fun tale

By Harry Chambers
The day came... and after much planning and preparation it could not have gone any better.
Some of the “Palm Cay Anglers” left Friday, a day before the fishing event, and stayed the night in Daytona with friends and family. And then some of us got up early and met at 4 a.m. (yes I said 4 a.m.) on a Saturday morning at the Oasis and set the GPS for Ponce Inlet, Florida.
In less than two hours we reached our destination and there she was, the “Sea Spirit.” Behind this beautiful fishing lady (our boat and crew) the water glistened and off to the left, a light house with the bright light showing the way to the open sea.
We got on board, selected our positions on the boat and after about a 90-minute ride, the captain said “drop those lines and good luck.” We fished... and we fished. I looked to my left and watched as Cal Goude fought and won a fight with a red fish that weighed in at over 20 pounds. The fish was “out of season” and had to be released. We watched (happy for the fish but sad for Cal) as the fish was returned to the sea. Mean time, little fishies were being caught by all and we were having a blast. This writer was extremely excited when a grouper weighing over 28 pounds took the bait, and one of the very helpful crew assisted in bringing that monster on board with a gaffe hook.
The weather was beautiful and the trip rewarding. The ”Sea Spirit” returned to her home port and the gracious captain and crew cleaned and packed our fish for us before we departed for home. The owner of the ship, Capt. Mike, took a moment to personally thank the Palm Cay anglers for fishing with his fleet family.
If you missed the adventure, we plan to do it again in April before our winter residents leave for the summer. Check out the Palm Cay entertainment listings for more on this and many other exciting events planned for you, located at the bulletin board in the Oasis.