Pair arrested at Walmart Supercenter

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By The Staff

On July 28, a loss prevention officer from the Walmart Supercenter noticed a man, woman and child walking through the store. The woman was carrying a large handbag that appeared to be empty, according to a sheriff’s report.

As the employee watched, he saw them select merchandise and then put it in the purse or under the man’s shirt.

After passing all points of checkout, the employee stopped them. The estimated value of the 11 pieces of merchandise was $117.68.

Abdel Haydar-Alfonso, 33, and Mileinis Suarez-Acosta, 24, both of Yonkers, N.Y., were arrested and charged with petit retail theft. They were taken to the Marion County Jail.

Due to no family members being in the area, the child was released to an investigator until her parents were released from jail, according to a sheriff’s report.

Man stopped with cart

full of meat

When a loss prevention employee for the Walmart Supercenter was in the garden center on July 26, he noticed a shopper pushing a cart containing a large amount of meat products, according to sheriff’s report.

He then grabbed a bag of dog food, put it on top of the meat and proceeded to head out the door, without paying for the items. While walking out, he carried an old receipt in his hand, which was likely an attempt to deter suspicion from the person checking the contents of the cart at the exit, according to a sheriff’s report.

The customer was stopped in the parking lot with a cart full of unpaid items totaling $384.

Michael J. Hollis, 45, of Ocala, was arrested and charged with grand retail theft and was taken to the Marion County Jail.

Gaming items stolen

from Westwind home

After returning from a trip on July 25, a Southwest 64th Court family and their dog went into the master bedroom at approximately 1 a.m. to go to bed.

The next morning, the father went into the living room and noticed the Playstation III gaming system and Nintendo Wii games were missing, according to a sheriff’s report.

After further investigation, it was discovered that a Blackberry cell phone and 13 various Playstation games were also missing.

A sliding glass door in the home was found closed but not locked.

Wallet reported stolen

from fitness center

On July 25, after getting out of the shower at the Stone Creek fitness center, a man discovered his wallet was missing from his duffel bag, according to a sheriff’s report.

He put the wallet into his bag and placed it on the bench in the locker room.