Painter, roommate accused of theft from house

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Jewelry was pawned; pills were taken

By Jim Clark

A local man working for a painting company was arrested and accused of grand theft after he allegedly took jewelry and drugs from a home in which he was painting.
Cody V. Hall, 26, who lived in a motel on South Pine, was hired by a couple in Oak Run to paint the interior of the house. He was in the house on Tuesday, Sept. 13, through Friday, Sept. 16.
The owner of the paint company said he had been contacted by his foreman who said that Hall placed a plastic container in the foreman's truck. Hall asked the foreman to drive him to a local market, where he converted the coins into cash, about $105 worth.
The owner checked with the homeowner and asked the woman whether she had a plastic container, and she said that she went into the bedroom and discovered it was missing. The victim provided deputies with a description of the jewelry that was in the container, which was valued at more than $5,700.
Later, she discovered that there was a prescription bottle of Oxycodone in the bedroom. The bottle was still there, but 47 pills were missing.
Det. Ed Mobley traced Hall to the motel and recovered the plastic container containing several items. However, some of the jewelry was missing.
Mobley then checked pawn shops for Hall's roommate, Justin Newsome, 24, and discovered he had allegedly pawned several items of jewelry. Newsome was arrested on Sept. 26 and charged with two counts of dealing in stolen property, one count of engaging in a pawnbroker business without a license and one count of violation of a pawnbroker transaction.
The victim responded to both pawn shops and paid a total of $1,525 to get her jewelry back.