Paint Our Town Purple

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By The Staff

Can you imagine what the Corridor would look like if every single business turned purple for a day? And if every single customer were wearing some color of purple?

Purple billboards, purple signs, purple balloons.

Employees could wear purple shoes, ties, shirts or dresses.

Purple bows could adorn the heads of little girls.

And don’t you think that life would be a little better for at least that day with spirits high and the community joined in a common purpose?

Not only would such a day unify the businesses along the corridor in some friendly competition to see which comes up with the most unique ideas, but it would bring awareness for the upcoming Relay for Life on May 1 and 2.

Local businesses are being asked to show their support by asking their customers for donations, selling merchandise and donating a portion of the proceeds to the American Cancer Society (ACS), or, simply, passing out information about the Relay.

Why the push?

Cancer is still one of the most dreaded words in the English language, although the most current statistics provided by the ACS show that death rates from cancer in the United States have decreased by 18.4 percent among men and by 10.5 percent among women since mortality rates began to decline in the early 1990s.

The decline can be attributed directly to public education; i.e., the harmful effects of tobacco; the importance of colon, breast and prostate exams; however, over one million Americans every year still are touched by some form of this disease.

Those who have survived cancer – and there are more and more who do – form a great family who support one another. They are there for one another and they are there for the newly diagnosed.

Events like the upcoming Relay for Life give those who have survived a time to celebrate, and those who have lived in a caregiver role a time to remember. It is also a time to continue the awareness that this is not a disease that has been conquered and funding for treatment and research is still very much needed.

Consider taking time to participate in this year’s local Relay for Life at West Port High School, but in the meantime, start searching your closet for that purple item you can wear on April 16.

If you are a business owner, help make an impact by “Painting Your Town Purple.”

It could be one of those days that make a significant impact in many lives with a united community showing care and concern and acknowledging that this dreaded disease still has not been conquered.