Our residents' health

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A South Marion Citizen editorial

If there is one overriding concern of the folks who live along the State Road 200 Corridor, it's health issues.

One need only count the number of medical services offered along the stretch of highway that is home to various retirement communities.

It was very evident this past weekend.

On Top of the World held a health and wellness event at the cultural center, and it was packed. Crowds wandered through the displays, had numbers of questions of those with displays, and seemed particularly interested in the home health care agencies.

There were fitness displays, including pilates and Tai Chi, on the stage, and people paused to take a look at the performers.

Down the street a few miles, but on the other side of the Interstate, the Paddock Mall held a similar event. It had far fewer displays, and even fewer people taking part. There was a Zumba demonstration, and we counted 15 people gathered around to watch it.

Compare that to the couple hundred folks who were at OTOW. All you had to do was go a short distance away, and the interest dropped off.

That's why on the Corridor we all need to pay close attention to what is happening in Washington. There is a movement, designed to fail, to repeal the Obama health care plan. It will pass the house, probably fail in the Senate and even if it did pass there, would face sure veto by the president.

Yet looking over some of the polls, we find that many Americans are dissatisfied with many parts of the plan, but not all want total repeal.

So make up your mind what you think should be done and let your federal legislators know. They're getting mixed signals, and you should help clarify the issues.

Health care is obviously one of the most important issues facing those who live on the Corridor. We should make sure that we all get the best available at the best rate.