Our country, our state

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Letter to the editor by Wayne Rackley

          Liberals never cease to amaze me! They write editorials expressing their discontent, “Voter Apathy” for instance, but have a tough time with actual facts and realistic solutions. They may have Florida mixed up with their former  state.

It appears they have no understanding whatsoever of economics and private enterprise in matters of both federal and state expenditures and budgeting. Just what did the Florida voters approve of and want?

 Governor Scott ran on the promise of bringing more business into Florida and the primary way he proposed doing that is by making us the best state for a company to call home. Tax breaks for small and larger business, who happen to employ the majority of Americans, will give them added incentive to bring their business to Florida. It’s called creating jobs and very importantly, in the private sector. Putting Floridians back to work will solve a multitude of problems and bring in the necessary tax dollars needed to support our schools and other services. That doesn’t mean we can keep spending money we don’t have, it means it is time to tighten our belts and make some tough decisions. This doesn’t include higher taxes!

 Unfortunately, liberals would rather us “spend” more money, the only language they seem to understand. Democrats never want to cut government programs because they count on the votes of those with their hands out.

There are no government programs that cannot survive with less money, they just need to carefully review where the money is going and budget as if it were their own. Wow, what a unique concept!      

  Nationally, Dems have been in charge of Congress and have had nearly 800 days to come up with a budget but still blame Republicans for it not being done. The excess spending has been a problem with both political parties and it has to stop. How can anyone not understand this fact?

  One thing I will never understand is why anyone would continue to live in a state they don’t love. I have lived in four states, eight different cities, and have loved each one of them. The good news for one desiring to move is that home values have dropped dramatically in all states, therefore relocating to another state should not be a problem. You may have to sell low but then you have the opportunity to buy low, so it balances out. No one should have to live in a state they don’t love and respect.

God Bless America, and our great state of Florida!

Wayne Rackley