OTOW news 09-01-2017

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Encore Collaborative Theater Club

In 2016 a clever duo, Sharon “Squirt” Spivey James and June Osteen, wrote a script for a play with the Golden Girls moving to The Villages. After five sold out performances in their community, they agreed to allow Encore to collaborate their script and perform their rendition in OTOW. Thus, the name change to The Golden Girls Move to On Top of the World.

The 14 characters, with their own spin, will be performed by 13 actors’, one with a dual role. The challenge was to be true to the television actor’s portrayal, yet make it their own, keeping it fresh. As in the former two Encore productions being sellouts, at the time this article was submitted for the October edition, tickets were all but sold out. However, for info, please call Brenda at 404-216-3009.

It’s daunting to herd 13 retirees, a prompter, committee members, The Voice of Encore, etc. to rehearsals three times a week. All adjectives apply, including chaos, hysterics, many laughs and everything in-between. This has been a labor of love and we are hoping every Golden Girl enthusiast out there will be able to share their experience Saturday, Oct. 7 at 7 p.m. or Sunday, Oct. 8 for a 3 p.m. matinee. Comfortable cabaret style seating, a cash bar and complimentary cheesecake tidbits, are merely a fraction of what one can expect.

The Golden Girls television show aired from 1985 to 1992. Though it has been off the air for 25 years, the reruns continue today with great popularity.

As Sophia would say, picture this: A tuxedoed portico greeter, bedazzling in gold vest and tie, greets and opens car doors. The GLITZY GALS exchanged their red hats for this “golden themed production,” seconding that warm welcome and providing playbills.

We’ve become accustomed to Encore going the extra mile with unique centerpieces on the tables. This production is no exception. Tables await the audience with a sparkly gold runner and a little TV set complete with the table number. The conclusion of intermission features the hilarious song that went viral by Donnalou Stevens, singer/songwriter, when she wrote the empowering “Older Ladies Anthem.” Encore president, Brenda Elliott, who plays Sophia, will perform this song with Voice of Encore back-up. The Master of Ceremonies Terry Gill will pepper the production with occasional Golden Girl trivia. Did we say total entertainment? This is only part of what to expect!

Working without a front curtain is challenging, but Encore always rises to the occasion. This performance they have added platforms on both sides of the main stage, increasing the performance area. For more total entertainment, audiences are treated to Bette Laird, Director of Music. She’ll join her Voice of Encore chorus; Jerilyn Williams, (piano/vocalist,) Larry Hadlock, (guitar/vocalist,) Donna Smalley and Ronnie Smith. During set transition from one scene to the other, they will enhance each scene before it appears with the appropriate theme music or other familiar tunes. This production is one not to be missed!

On The Road Again

By Bob Woods

The On The Road Again travel club at OTOW would like all residents of the community to know that due to a recent cancellation there are two seats available for the Nov. 12, motor coach trip to Pigeon Forge and the Smoky Mountains. This excursion includes a total of six stage shows which include three dinners, one evening, and two morning shows. Also included is admission to the Titanic, stated as being the largest museum attraction and free time in famous Gatlinburg. Sound good? Call Bob

The club has some cabins available for the March 12, 2018 cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Brilliance of the Seas sailing from Tampa heading for Key West and Cozumel, Mexico. This is a short 5-night voyage and the club is providing a $50 shipboard credit per cabin. Interested? Call Bob.

The club is taking names and phone numbers for stand-by lists for the Dec. 2 cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas departing Fort Lauderdale heading for St. Maartin, San Juan, and Labadee, Haiti. The England/Scotland 12-day trip departing OTOW on Aug. 3, 2018 is sold out but Bob is taking names for a stand-by list.

All trips sponsored by On the Road Again travel club are open to all residents of OTOW and their guests ONLY. For information on any of the club’s trips call bob Woods at 854-0702 or go to the club’s website at www.bobwoodsontheroadagain.com. No computer? Need a flyer? Call Bob and one will be delivered to you.


By Bob Woods

A scary, scary night lies ahead at the Circle Square Commons for those attending when the Thriller production will be held at intermission time when the musical group, The 45’s, take their first break at around 7 p.m. The production group is made up of residents from On Top of the World and Stone Creek along with others from neighboring communities up and down the 200 corridor. This event is a multi-community fundraiser benefiting the Ocala Domestic Violence Shelter.

Those in the production will be dancing to Michael Jackson’s song and routine called and named “Thriller.” All participants taking to the dance floor will be dressed in scary Halloween costumes. There will be vampire’s witches, ghosts, goblins along with all kinds of zombies and ghouls dancing to the Thriller. At the conclusion, each member of the production will intermingle into the audience seeking to scare you along with collecting donations for the Domestic Violence Shelter.

Last year donations from the Thriller event raised over $7,500 and a few truckloads of other donations slated for the shelter. This year the goal is to collect over $20,000 and many truck loads of needed goods.

The event is opening to all who would like to attend or participate. The production needs performers, dancers, videographers, stage assistants plus other categories. If you would like to participate in this worthy event there will be an organizational and information meeting at the Circle Square Cultural Center on Sept. 14 at 4 p.m. There is still time to participate. The Thriller performance is slated, as mentioned above, at the Circle Square Commons on Oct. 21. Everyone in reading this article are welcomed to attend.

Need additional information or you would like to inquire about a position in the production, email the events cordinator, Cheri Irwin, at www.aimfitness@aol.com.

Theatre Group

By Steve McDonald

The OTOW Theatre Group is actively making preparations for our very exciting Path to Talent Showcase II, our spring production entitled: “Remembering through the Decades”. Our production will be performed March 24 and 25, 2018, Recreation Center Ballroom and Stage, and will be a tribute to all styles and genres of music that America was built on through the decades, from the 40s on; Big Band, Broadway, Jazz, Rock ‘n Roll, Gospel, Blue Grass, Country, Blues, and Patriotic, just to name a few.

If you are a resident of any of our OTOW Communities or are an Indigo Pass Holder, we invite you to bring your talent to one of our Open Casting Calls to audition and potentially qualify to be a part of this exciting production. We are looking for ballroom, swing, line dancers, American Bandstand dancers; banjo, fiddle, or guitar pickers; or if you play any other instruments. If you sing solo, duet, trio, or part of a quartet (barbershop, bluegrass, gospel, etc.), and if you think your talent will fit into the theme of our production, “Remembering through the Decades,” then we want to hear from you. We will, also, perform various skits related to variety shows like Ed Sullivan and Dean Martin, Laugh In, Grand Ole Opry, just to name a few. Even if you don’t sing, can’t dance, or aren’t comfortable on stage, you’re in luck. We have a place for you, too! That’s right-we need folks to serve as stagehands, backstage, props handlers, costumes, stage construction, and more. We specifically are in need of experienced sound personnel (headphones/microphones, etc.). All these jobs are easy, but necessary.

Be sure and pick up one of our fliers which are posted at the various venues throughout OTOW, or catch it on local community TV channel 732, and join us on one or more of the following dates at 7 p.m. for auditions, which are to be held at Arbor Conference Center, Suites E&F on: Sept. 11; Oct. 9; Nov. 13; Jan. 8 (no auditions in December). If you can’t make one of our Open Casting Calls on one of these dates or need further info, please call our Director Harry Boyajian at 239-336-4804 anytime or our Assistant Director Leslie Miller at 443-521-5038, who just returned from a trip to welcome 3 new grandkids. Congratulations, Leslie!!