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Motown Magic coming to Circle Square

By June Roberta

I just learned a new phrase, “opportunity cost.” It means that taking advantage of one opportunity means forgoing another opportunity.


We clean our homes to save money but in the process our time can’t be spent another way. On the other hand, if we pay someone to clean, we have more time to use in other ways. It can be a difficult balancing act trying to decide which is more important in our situation.

That goes for so many other areas in our lives. To be happy, we need to mindfully choose carefully among our many choices.

Master the Possibilities

Our Master the Possibilities lifelong learning program begins its summer season in earnest next week. There are 14 classes and presentations that start! As always, the variety is impressive. There are art and computer offerings; current events, psychology; a Sushi class, and presentations on Marion County horse farms and water conservation, hiking and biking…and kayaking. There’s even a field trip to a Paso Fino ranch. With all this I’m sure there are classes of interest to you!

To register go to masterthepossibilities.com or call 352-854-3699 with your selections. You can do either 24/7, and as always these are open to all! If you’d like a copy of the catalog, stop by the Center at 8415 S.W. 80th St. They are also available at Freedom Library. Make this summer an educational one…and bring a friend. Hope to see you in class.

The Best of Motown!

Motown Magic will be performing at the Circle Square Cultural Center on Saturday, July 17 at 7 p.m. As always, doors open at 6 p.m.

Hear favorites made famous by Aretha Franklin, The Four Tops, Smoky Robinson, Otis Redding, Dionne Warwick, Marvin Gaye and more.

A Reminder

There will be a Choral Workshop on Aug. 9 from 9 to noon in Suite H at the ACC. Current members and any OTOW resident interested in learning more about the Concert Chorus are invited to attend.

The purpose of the workshop is to acquaint prospective members with the organization, demonstrate the type of music attempted, as well as meet the director and officers. New members are expected to be able to sing four-part music. The group will sing some selected numbers for review.

At the conclusion of the workshop, interviews and auditions may be scheduled.

It is hoped that all those interested in singing with the chorus will attend this workshop. Please contact Suzanne Womack (352-873-4643) or Connie Slimm (352-598-2185) for further information.

Travel Toppers

Reservations begin July 19 for Mid-Life Crisis a musical at the Show Palace Dinner Theater on Thursday Sept. 9. The sketches poke fun at the "joys" of growing older. The cleverly crafted songs celebrate forgetfulness, reading glasses and the tribulations of the aging process but also touch on the sentimental wisdom our later years afford us. Everyone will certainly relate to this presentation. Cost includes transportation, show, delicious buffet and tip for driver and meal. Coordinator Irene Plow will accept reservations from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Seats are available for the trip to Fort Myers Oct. 13-14 for the Mystery Dinner Train. Trip cost includes shared accommodations at the Marriott Courtyard, 3 1/2 hour train ride while enjoying a mystery play as you enjoy your dinner. Menu choice of prime rib, fresh seafood or baked stuffed chicken. Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages on your own.

Full breakfast before departure with stop at Ellington Outlet Mall for lunch on our own and some shopping. Call Pat Hood 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Call Audrey Mangan now for seats for Boogie Wonderland musical at the Show Palace on Thursday Aug. 12.The new review highlights fads, music and fashions of the 70s. Cost includes transportation, show, buffet meal and tips for meal and driver.

Line Dancing

Sherry and Jack Ashenfelter, retiring line dance instructors, thank the line dancers for 12 years of friendship, fun, and dedication and wish the new instructors enjoyment and success in leading the line dance classes.

My Blood, Your Blood

This class on Monday, July 19, from 11 a.m. to noon will be an interesting one. “All your questions could be answered.” It is free for residents and non-residents.

This is an award-winning science education program that emphasizes the value of community service through blood donation and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

In additions, attendees will be offered a “mini-physical” which will include blood pressure check, temperature, blood type screening, hemoglobin (iron) level and cholesterol.

The instructor is Tom Davis and the class will take place in Classroom 2.

Entertainment Group

Your Entertainment Group announces the theme to the show series 2010-2011. “Tributes to Icons of Show Business.”

At the March show closing out the 2009-2010 series, the audience was asked, if we were able to bring in a more expensive show, would there be an objection if ticket prices were increased $1. The second question was should the Group book a Sunday matinee. Both questions were answered with an approval response.