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Vivien Leigh film series concludes

By June Roberta

Living a balanced life should be easier for retirees than working people but that’s not always the case. Some of us are still prone to putting chores before fun. Only having good times can get just as stale as only doing chores and the like.

It’s important to make time to learn, exercise, keep up with chores, and play, whatever that is for you. We now have the time to engage in hobbies, see the latest movies, but also balance our checkbook and keep our living quarters neat and tidy.

Balanced living is when you are happy working and playing equally. Living in the present, and not obsessing about the past or future, allows us to appreciate right now and find joy in whatever we are doing. “Patience leads to mindfulness and mindfulness brings you in balance”.

Simplicity in all things is the most important part of life balance. It helps to reduce the time we spend on chores. Connecting only with people you truly care about and getting rid of the ones you don’t, simplifies your relationships.

If you live your life in balance, your life will become one of joy, happiness, and serenity.

The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone

This was the last movie of the Vivien Leigh film series at Live Oak Hall. Before watching it, Dr. Pat Wellington spoke about the movie. She also gave us some more background on Leigh.

Tennessee Williams wrote the story when he was 38 years old. Lottie Lenya had a part in the movie as a pimp. A very young Warren Beatty co-stared as Vivien Leigh’s gigolo. “Grieving middle-age widow falls for young Italian gigolo”. Pat mentioned that this was the worst time in Leigh’s life. She was in her early 50s but looked older. That’s probably because she was a four-pack-a-day smoker and had chronic TB.

Watching these movies is a great way to spend a couple of afternoon hours. They are in black and white which makes sad movies even sadder. This one didn’t have the usual Hollywood ending but stayed true to the story line.

Master the Possibilities

Next week concludes the spring quarter of the Master the Possibilities programming. There are five classes in art and in computers that you may want to consider. Go online at masterthepossibilities.com or use the telephone registration line at 352-854-3699.

The BIG NEWS is that the summer catalog covering July, August, and September will be available online Thursda,y June 24, at 8 a.m. They suggest you register early since there’s a great demand for these classes (more than 150 this summer).

The “hard copy” catalog will be published July 1 and can be picked up at the Center (8415 S.W. 80th St.) Telephone registration begins at that time. The best way to register is online, open 24/7 and gives immediate confirmation. Hope to see you continue to learn, grow and have fun doing it!

OTOW Bowling League

I am the newly elected President of the OTOW Bowling League. We are looking for additional bowlers for our league that bowls at 3 p.m. on Mondays beginning Sept. 13.

President Jerry Roney’s phone number is 352-873-4327. Bill Hamel’s is 352-237-8038. These men can be contacted by anyone interested in joining our league.

Singles and couples welcome. It is a fun league with prizes and a banquet at the end of the 30-week year. We bowl at the Galaxy West AMF Lanes in Ocala.

New Walgreens

Someone called to complain about the Steeplechase Walgreens closing in the very near future. There are people here who no longer drive a car but use a golf cart. It seems there is no way for golf carts to get to the new Walgreens which is a block away from Canopy Oak on SR 200. I had no answer for him but possibly someone else has.

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

I just receive a call from Constance who lives in OTOW. She has RSD and would like to get in contact with someone who also has the disease. They can talk to each other about it. Her phone number is 352-873-1658.