OTOW Happenings 12-23-2011

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Helping with toys for needy children

By Eloise Hollyfield


Toys for children, a party, and travel are the focus of this week’s OTOW Happenings.

OTOW Lions Club
Beginning the day after Thanksgiving, residents were asked to contribute toys to needy children. Contributors chose an angel shaped paper from the tree that said, for example, “Girl, ages 3-5” and then returned to place a gift under the tree located in the ballroom at the Health and Recreation Building. Toys were picked up at the home of Lion Wendy Phillips on Dec. 17, with a second run required on Dec. 20. Over 300 toys were contributed! They are now being distributed by the Marion County Volunteer Fire Rescue Squad under the leadership of Kim Cromwell, District Captain of the Marion County Volunteer Rescue Squad. Rescue squad member Mike Connally provided the van and the muscle for pickup.  
On Dec. 13, The OTOW Lions Club enjoyed a lovely Christmas party. Members contributed to the contents of a delicious buffet consisting of: turkey; ham; mashed potatoes; yams; green beans; salads; breads; and a host of tasty desserts. Each member brought an unmarked gift, and when a member’s number was called, he or she chose his or her gift. However, if a participant didn’t open his/her gift, an exchange could take place with one already opened, etc. All in all, everyone had a great time!

Travel Toppers
Travel Toppers new winter brochure is available at OTOW post office locations. Look for the blue box near the newspaper boxes, as well as both levels at the Health & Recreation Building. Please note that the box placed in the library (H&R Building), has been relocated in the library because damage was being done to the holder while placed in the seating area.
The holder can be found in the far corner or on a cabinet near the desk. Be certain to pick up a brochure and mark your calendar for the reservation dates of new offerings because some begin as early January 2012.
There are still a few seats available for the 25th anniversary show of Les Miserables on Feb. 11 at Tampa. Please call Linda Hein for further information. Additionally, there are a few seats left for Hairspray at the Show Palace on Feb. 4. Call Audrey Mangan if you are interested in attending this show.
Travel Toppers wishes each of you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a healthy and great New Year and hopes to see you on next year’s trips!