OTOW Happenings 11-23-2012

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Christmas tree for needy children

By Eloise Hollyfield


An opportunity to donate a Christmas gift to children, a unique fashion show, entertainment, and bowling constitute this week’s OTOW Happenings.

Lions Club

The annual Christmas Tree will be placed and decorated in the H&R Ballroom on Nov. 24. Tags labeled by gender and age will be placed on the tree. Won’t you take the time to come by and select a tag for a needy child, purchase a Christmas gift for him or her? Please do not open or wrap the Christmas gift, just place it under the Christmas tree. A club member removes the gift each day to a secured location until it is time to wrap them; the fire department picks up and delivers the gifts. Christmas is about giving. Please open your heart to a need child, and perhaps he or she will someday be able to do the same for other needy children!

As most of you recall, each year the Lions Club puts on a very popular annual fashion show. Another fashion show is planned, but with a unique twist! The models will be wearing fashions that are made of recyclable materials! The “OTOW Lions Club First Recycled ‘Trashy’ Fashion Show” is scheduled for April 12. Club members will not be the models; instead, members of the community’s other clubs (and not just OTOW clubs) and organizations will create and model their own “trashy” outfits and will be competing against each other for one of three cash prizes: $1,000, $500, and $300. The money will be donated to the charity of the winners’ choice. Details in regards to what materials may be used in these “trashy” outfits, submission procedures, etc. should be available to you by mid-December.

Does YOUR club or organization have what it takes to win this exciting contest? Look for further information in this newspaper and in the weekly South Marion Citizen’s column, “OTOW Happenings.” You may also contact PDG Lion Estelle Clark at pdgestelle@yahoo.com (352-861-7358) or me at ejh2025@gmail.com at any time.


The Entertainment Group


            On Jan. 26, at 7 p.m., Dr. Steven Dunn, DDS and his staff bring back one of the most popular groups ever to perform at OTOW: “Americas Ambassadors to Hospitalized Veterans.” (As usual, after our show, they perform the same show for the patients at the VA hospitals in Gainesville and Lake City).
            This year’s cast of eight presents an all new show, the “Golden Hits of Every Era,” which includes music from the follow eras: 20s; 30s; 40s; Big Band Swing; 50s Rock ‘n Roll Classics; 60s; 70s; and 80s Retro hits, with a rousing, extended patriotic finale!
Glittering costumes, classic choreography and professional staging make this show a must see!
            Advance ticket sales are on Nov. 26, 28, and 30, resuming on Jan. 7 from 8:30 to 10 a.m. and every M-W-F thereafter.

Thanks to Dr. Dunn, tickets are $8 general admission and $10 for reserved seating, with a maximum of four per person purchase and are for the residents of all OTOW communities and Indigo East.


Travel Toppers

Travel Toppers has some seats available for the musical “9 to 5” at the Show Palace Dinner Theater on Saturday, Jan. 12. The cost is $71, which includes the show, meal, and coach and tips for the driver. For further information, call Allan Rickards at 352-390-3075.
            Joyce Woods has seats for “Hurrah for Hollywood” at the Peabody Auditorium in Daytona Beach on Tuesday, Feb. 12. The cost is $83 for show, lunch at Lulu’s Seaside Grill, and coach and tips for driver. Contact Joyce immediately at 352-390-2359.
            Travel Toppers is taking a waiting list for “Two different Views of Christmas” on Thursday, Dec. 6. Contact Mary Lamp. For Christmas Day, at the Show Palace, call Pat Hood at 352-237-8533 and for “Wicked,” at the Straz Center for the Performing Arts in Tampa, call Linda Hein at 352-861-9880.



Bowling League

The Lucky Four team has taken over first place, followed closely by OSIMA and the Pin Poppers. This month congratulations go to the bowlers who have bowled games well over their average. It is not the actual average that wins games, but rather, the pins over the average. A bowler with a 180 average who bowls a 200 is only 20 pins over average, but a bowler with a 130 average who bowls a 160 is 30 pins over.

Among the ladies who make the spotlight this month, with high above average games, are Rose Hamel, with a plus 69; Linda Gallager, with 65; Louise Zoccoli, with a 61 and 56; Liz Cruce, Marianne Ingwersen, and Linda McIntyre all with plus 57; Edie Plachcinski ,54; Betty Biron and Susan Fogg ,with plus 52; and Barbara Reynolds at plus 51.

Among the men were Art Buecher, with an outstanding 79 pins over average; Pete Gorczok, 69; Butch Swank, 68; Norm Hebert, 66; Jerry Roney, 64; Renato Molas, 63; and Peter Ingwersen and Bill Specht with plus 61.

There is a long way to go to the end of the season and there is no doubt these great performances will be repeated or even surpassed.