OTOW Happenings 11-11-11

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Veterans Day service planned

By Eloise Hollyfield

Veterans Day Memorial Service, a fundraiser, and sports mark this week’s OTOW Happenings.

OTOW Lions Club
The OTOW Lions Club will hold its Veterans Day Memorial Service on Nov. 11 at 10 a.m. at the flagpole in front of the Health and Recreation Building. Please come out to show your respect as we remember all of our veterans who have given so much for our country!    
The OTOW Lions Club will hold an Italian dinner fundraiser on Sunday, Jan. 29, 4 p.m. in the H&R Ballroom. Sammy’s Restaurant will cater this event. The price is $12 per person, and the proceeds go to benefit the Interfaith and Children’s Backpack Program. Tickets will be sold from 8 to 10 a.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at the H& R Ballroom. This event is open to the public.
Entertainment will be provided by George and Judy –Karaoke plus more, and there will be a TV raffle, among other items.
Reservations are required. Please contact any of the following people to make your reservation: Virginia – 352-414-1696; Dawn – 352-854-8314; or Sarah 352-465-8291.

OTOW Entertainment Group
The OTOW Entertainment Group’s show “Christmas and a Whole Lot More” will take place on Nov. 26. The show will be presented by the four Marlin Brothers and will be sold out by show time. If you are planning on attending, any remaining tickets will be available Nov. 14, 16, and 18 at 8:30 a.m. in the H&R Ballroom.

OTOW Softball League
The winter softball league at the OTOW field is off and running, playing every Monday and Wednesday morning. The teams are all set, and members wish to thank their sponsors: Wiseway Auto; Dr. Dunn (dentist); Celbert Wealth Financials; TeePee Tire; and their newest sponsors, Great Clips and Florida Eye. Through these sponsorships, the league has been able to buy hats and shirts for all team members.
Some new residents have joined the League and are beginning to display their skills! The excitement is in the air as the teams battle their foes in hopes of becoming the victors of the game. The days of old are in the players’ eyes as one sees them strut up to the plate in hopes of blasting the ball. That feeling of excitement as they swing and hit that ball and watch it fall, and as they hope to get on and run the bases is evident. The new players may be a little rusty, but anyone can see they still have the joy of the game in them. It’s that joy of the game that brings them out week after week. Seeing them hustle around the bases and recognizing the enjoyment they out when they cross home plate is a wonderful thing, but it’s not all there is to it. It’s not so much about winning or losing, but rather, it’s about the exercise, the enjoyment of the game and, most important, the friendships that are developed. While there is always the desire to win, all are winners because the game brings the players back to the yesteryears of their youth.
New players are always welcomed, so if interested, come on down and join the fun or join the spectators as they root for a favorite team or individual,
The current standings, as of this writing, are:
Team            Won        Loss    Tie
5 TeePee Tire-Ken    5        2
4 Florida Eye – Roger    5        2
2 Great Clips – Angelo    4        3
3 Cebert Wealth – Bill    4        3    
1 Dr. Dunn – Marty    2        4    1
6 Wiseway – Jimmy    0        6    1