OTOW Happenings 05-01-2015

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Bloodmobile due on May 4

By June Roberta

At this time in our lives, we should make a point of living a more simplified and unbusy life. One habit we need to get rid of is perfectionism which also causes stress. Life would be less busy if we accepted things we can’t control. Our days spent shopping only for the items we need gives more time for more interesting leisure time activities.
Instead of getting started first thing in the morning with our to do list, maybe we can meditate. Our day then might start slower, more thoughtful, and calmer. There should be plenty of time at the end of the day for a warm relaxing bath or what ever else gets us relaxed.
Having more time means we have the leisure to read or knit, exercise, etc. Maybe our last journey in life should include more being than doing, more slowness and less hurriedness.

Master the Possibilities
Master the Possibilities Education Center. For more information on class location and content or to register for the following programs call 854-3699 or go to www.MasterthePossiblities.com.
Around the Community
Sheriff’s Citizens Academy (Summer) - Begins May 7, 9-11:30 a.m.
Master the Possibilities is proud to host the Sheriff’s Citizens Academy. The Sheriff’s office is sponsoring a 12 week course to teach about the Marion County Sheriff’s operations starting May 7 through July 30, including graduation.
When Do You Need a Lawyer? How to Talk to Him or Her- May 5, 3-4 p.m.
We come in contact with the law every day. There are some times that we need to seek the counsel of an attorney. When are these times? How can you best prepare to talk to a lawyer? These issues will be presented and discussed. Attorney Jerry Colen will answer your questions.
Staying Healthy
Brain Booster- May 6, 3-4 p.m.
Lower your brain age! This informative and interactive session has “brain exercises” that can help with memory retention, critical thinking skills and creative reasoning. “Brain Booster” includes activities such as puzzles, games and simple movement patterns that provide a mental workout to boost the brain while having fun. Note: The Winter Booster classes are a repeat from our fall schedule. Each class will have different exercises; therefore, register for one or for all.
Power up Your Body- May 7, 4-5 p.m.
In order for the body to work it needs energy. The body’s energy currency is called ATP. Sometimes however, when there is a problem in making ATP a patient can develop diseases like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and more. Join Dr.Yousef Elyaman in this lecture so he can show you how to efficiently “Power up Your Body”.
Live Long and Strong- May 8, 11 a.m. to noon.
The science of aging is fascinating; discover why physical activity along with social and emotional engagement is critical to living long and strong. Health and longevity are closely tied to keeping the body moving and your brain thinking. This session will address lifestyle behaviors that support wellness and disease prevention. What two traits do centenarians share? Join us for the answer to this and more tips on how to… ‘Live Long and Strong’!
Life South Bloodmobile Bus
The May flowers have arrived as usual. The May storms have come and then come again. The May weather is a boon to most of us ... and the see ya for those heading back to the North Country!
Monday, May 4, is the day the Life South Bloodmobile is back at On Top Of the World for our bi-monthly blood collection! Come on out and celebrate the May weather by donating a pint of your blood to help aid three others who need your help! That is correct: Your donation helps save three others! It is amazing, but it works that way. That makes you a sort of hero, or heroine!
The Life South Bloodmobile bus will be parked at its usual spot in the front parking lot of the Health and Recreation Center front parking lot on May 4 from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. Bring some type of identification so the attendants can get you started. Then: Roll up your sleeve, let one of our fantastic medical aides get you started, enjoy a small beverage, as your blood is collected. A short time later (the entire process only takes about an hour), you will receive a beautiful bandage (branding you as a lifesaving donor), a small gift of gratitude, and a tasty treat for being so kind, so brave, so humanitarian! Yours is the gift that really keeps on giving!
The following are the names of those heroes who came in to donate March 2: Walter Barber, Shannon Beall, Barbara Belz, Susan Burdan, Susan Bryne, Theresa Casey, Donna Castellano, Richard Copeland, Kathleen Dushary, Ray Governatori, Thomas Hagerty, Beverly Hill, Annette Hodges, Carol Jezek, Barbara Kratz, William Kreppel, Nancy Ludvik, Stanley Magen, Carol Recknor, Norman Recknor, Elizabeth Russell, Carol Seidman, Thomas Seitz, Wayne Siewert, Michael Thomas, David Vaughters, Leona Vlacancich, Robert Vlacancich, Emma Wanamaker, Helen Wilkins, and James Willis.
You can reach me at 237-9208 or jroberta@cfl.rr.com