The other 98 02-04-2011

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Letter to the editor by Joe Peck

I found a recent letter to the editor titled “Educating who?” very offensive. The writer paints today’s youth as virtueless dolts and unworthy of education.

Does anyone remember a TV show called “The Other 98?” That show celebrated the accomplishments of 98 percent of the youth of the 1960s and ignored the questionable behavior of the 2 percent. The 1960s was another time when youth was branded as less than virtuous by their senior counterparts.

Doesn’t the writer’s indictments prove an even greater need for a good education and a more vital role for society to prepare our children and grandchildren for a future which grows more complicated each day?

We must all remember the proverb “education begins at home.” If today’s youth has failed in any way, then their failures are a direct result of our failures as role models to instill the appropriate values.

Society granted each of us the education that we have depended on for our happiness and success, and in turn society demands that each of us has the responsibility to provide an education which is as complete as is possible to the following generations.

All of this being said, I don’t believe that simply throwing money at the education system is the answer. As a former teacher, I found that the home environment is the ultimate catalyst which enables the education system to succeed or dooms it to failure, and that doesn’t affect anyone’s taxes. We must stop blaming teachers and start looking closer to home.

Joe Peck