One man can’t lead us out of this mess

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By Robert E. Beckner

A few weeks ago I reported that Americans had placed their “hope and faith” in one man, our president, to get us out of the various severe crises our country currently is in. Since then I’ve been asked several times if I actually believed in what I wrote.

I replied that “yes,” for the sake of America, we all want the president to succeed, but with certain conditions, meaning not all of the radical socialist programs he made on the campaign trail. We hoped those were made just to pacify his hard left supporters, and when sworn in he would work with Republicans to make the “changes” he promised to be more acceptable to the public in general.

So far, sad to say, in several areas he has disappointed us. For example, his ordering the closing of the terrorist detention center at Guantanamo without first planning where in America he would hold these terrorists. No state seems to want the terrorists in their prisons. These are bad people who only want to kill all of us. This was just an act on the altar of global appeasement.

Then he gives his first television interview to a Muslim TV Station, not an American one. He says how he wants to play nice with all Muslims worldwide to win their hearts and minds.

Following this act he follows with his selected appointments to his cabinet. It appears all of them are of the same mind set, that there are no bad guy terrorists, only common criminals that should best be handled by police, not our military.

We can just see ahead that our military will be decimated as we won’t be able to afford them, by re-distribution of tax money to minorities, foreign illegals and paying for abortions in foreign countries under the U.N. Population Fund (UNFPA) and the list goes on. A major act has been to agree to put those American troops in combat situations, when accused, usually of murder, under the courts of the U.N.’s International Court System.

Can you imagine what this does to a Marine’s mind on the battlefield, having to stop and think; should I not shoot and let them go because maybe I can’t prove their actions in court? Maybe I should read them their new-found rights? Some prospect for our troops to think about.

Remember, this enemy now also has “habeas corpus rights,” and even all Americans don’t have this protection, thanks to President Bush’s executive order.

Now we can discuss the future of our intelligence services such as the CIA, FBI, NSA, DIA and 15 intelligence entities all together. By the looks and statements made by those individuals appointed, their intentions are to dismantle and destroy our ability to listen in on telephone calls from various enemy countries to the U.S. via communication intercepts. It will be forbidden to find out what those terrorists intend to do, i.e. where they will attack us.

It has been proven it works. It has saved noted important sites in America, Britain and elsewhere. But these services will be decimated badly, just like they were under President Clinton, they all have pre-9/11 mentalities.

By all this shutting down of needed services, the terrorists know they can’t be “harmed” in any way when captured. They will just give their name, rank and serial number, and Americans will read them the rules of the Army manual regarding interrogation, which is nothing.

I expect Israel knows it has probably lost any assistance, military or otherwise, with this election and this is our only ally in the Middle East. They will stop holding back their defense at our request. So we will probably see a first strike on Iran soon, as well as perhaps other increased activity by the Israeli military.

Why not, they are on their own now and thus we can look for Iranian retaliation against various American targets. Other terrorist organizations will join in to hit us. Not a smart military decision as seen by our military leaders.

It is apparent from seeing the names of individuals appointed to the president’s cabinet that we can expect a steady erosion of rights we have enjoyed for 200 years. We’ll be told it’s “for our own good.” Many more restrictions we’ll see are on home schooling, gun ownership, encouraged continual dependence on the ever-present government.

Have you seen the Web sites and mass e-mails offering “free grants,” courtesy of our president, another cover for his re-distribution of workers wealth? There will be many more nanny state provisions put in place to protect the “disadvantaged” and poor and various illegals.

It has already brought out the Hillary Clinton, “Trojan Horse,” meaning the reintroduction of the SCHIP bill, which liberals call a step to cover needy children with health care, when in reality it’s for anything but. It is the first step for socialist national health care for everyone. This bill was badly defeated a year or so ago when Americans found out what it really was as the fog, smoke and mirrors were removed.

The devil is in the details, so don’t be fooled again. Get those telephones ringing to your congressmen and senators, as well as e-mail.

Here is where groups such as the mentally handicapped, elderly (are you listening?) and terminally ill are slowly pushed toward euthanasia. This will all be done under feel good phrases like “death with dignity, not wanting to be a burden” and “merciful release from suffering.” All this is just killing people without their consent for the “good of the people.”

We previously failed as a nation to a point we are looking to one man to take care of us, to be a father-figure as well as our sugar daddy. A question arises, where is the “can and must do” attitude of our forefathers? Today, we find so many sniveling, whining citizens with the idea they are owed something. We have truly gone from being honorable defenders of freedom to being told we are the problem – and far too many Americans are buying into this lie.

There are people who won’t, refuse to, or can’t think for themselves. They want our leaders to be inspiring and hope they will do right. We are told we must believe we are just one big family in the overall world and the real facts repeatedly tell us we are not.

I have stayed away from the numerous “bailouts” of various industries, the newest stimulus package where Congress requests even more tax money, and how high will taxes really go? Amnesty for illegals, control of education, judicial nominees and eliminating union secret ballot efforts; all kinds of goodie subjects delve into, all for your benefit and education of this corrupt world.

Robert E. Beckner lives in Majestic Oaks with his wife, Sarah. He is a retired private investigator and insurance adjuster. He has also been a photographer and served with the Military Police in the Marine Corps.