OakRun news 6-22-2012

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Do You Remember? Memorial Day celebration

By Carol Wheeler

Tune in channel 12 for Len Teitler’s presentation of the Upstate New York Club’s 2012 Memorial Day Celebration, narrated by Anna Boodee. The program was dedicated to our wounded warriors and military veterans and included members of the Ocala West Detachment #1072 Color Guard from the Marine Corps League.
The guest speaker was Andrea Brinn Sawyer of the Wounded Warrior Project.
It will air following “FYI” daily at 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. from June 22 to 29.

Pancake Breakfast
Enjoy Oak Run’s delightful pancakes, sausage, juice and coffee or tea tomorrow, Saturday, June 23, from 8 to 10 a.m. at the Orchid Club.

Republican Club
The Republican Club of Oak Run will meet at 7 p.m. in the Orchid Club on Wednesday night, June 27. Last meeting we had over 20 candidates for local offices such as Judge, County Commissioner, School Board, Sheriff, Supervison of Elections and a few more.
We expect several of these candidates to return for the June meeting. We never know who is going to show up.
This is a great opportunity to meet and study the candidates. Be an informed voter.
We will have free watermelon for members. Guests will have to pay a little more than that. Come out and join us.  All Oak Run residents are invited and definitely welcome. See you there.

Photography Club celebrates end of year
The Oak Run Photography Club celebrated the end of the 2011-12 club year with a pizza party, a review of the best photographs of the year, and election of officers for the 2012-13 club year. We also heard our new president’s theme and plans for next year.
Bob Durocher, a charter member, was elected President. NC Sizemore will be Vice President. Laurie Stamm will be Secretary and Blog Master. Jim Collmer will be the Treasurer. Other directors are Walter Markowski, Muriel Koehler, Art Holt, Jim Carrell, Marty O’Grady, Carollee Carter.
Art Holt and Jim Carrell selected and displayed the best photos submitted by the club members over the year. Everyone was delighted seeing the photographic progress they had made. The presentation was delightful.
Bob Durocher outlined the theme the board has approved for the 2011-12 club year. We will have a heavy educational component with emphasis on improving understanding and use of basic photographic techniques.
We will welcome new members on Sept. 10. If you want to become a better photographer, do as Bob suggested to our members: Study your camera manual one hour a week over the summer. Know what your manual says about (or at least know where it explains) Exposure Compensation, Bracketing, Histograms, White Balance, and Depth of Field.
If you do not understand what the manual is telling you, senior club members will help you. You must have your manual or a book dedicated to your camera and know where to look for the information. Please do not expect the senior photographers to be familiar with your camera. They will be able to look at your manual and explain what it says to you but they should not be expected to look up the material for you.
For more Information about the Oak Run Photography Club please see our blog at orphotoclub.blogspot.com/.

Oak Run Travel
Wow! That was what our travelers said about the production of ‘New York Nights’ at the Show Palace on June 10. The cast performed just as you would expect to see on Broadway. Everyone wanted more of the classical pop music from those beautiful voices!
The Nov. 16 tour to ‘Rediscovering Real Florida’ with Eleanor and Rich Feltenburger as hosts and also ‘Wonders of Winter Park and Treasures of Tiffany’ on Nov. 30 with Rudy and Delores Frey as hosts have turned out to be very popular. As a result we will be doing both of them again in 2013 so be on the lookout for the sale dates in the Oak Run Travel brochure.
A number of our trips this year have been sell-outs with a wait list. Sometimes when we get enough on the list we can get another bus going so never be reluctant to get on the wait list for any trip. It helps us to help you take the trips you really like. Of course, even without another bus you can often still make the trip due to someone having to cancel. So always get on the wait list, you have 2 good reasons to do so.

Royal Oaks Men’s Golf
It’s good to be back in action again after two successive weeks of cancellations due to rain. Needless to say, we needed the rain more than the golf at this time, so not too many complained about the wet weather. I might add it really “greened up” the golf course.
The game on June 15 was the usual three best net. Thirty seven players participated, which is good considering the time of year. And the winners were - First with a 194, Bill Staiger, George Gariepy, John O’Neill, and Paul Valois; Second with a 195, Dick Blackburn, Bob Gildea, and Duke Slayton. Third was a tie between three teams with a score of 200. These were Emmett Dowling, Charlie Elder, Sam Owens, and Fred West; Hal Loomis, Ed Simnowitz, Tom Ducz, and Larry Soine; and Dale Wurzburger, Virgil Hein, Chuck Engel, and Tom Morris Closest to the pin were Bill Start, Mickey Klein, John Wargo, and Mike Madill.
A beautiful day on a good golf course - what more could one ask for. See you next week.

Winners of the Low Net Tournament held on June 7 included: Flight A:- Sue Marentette 1st,Connie Bingham 2nd, Joann Cohen 3rd; Flight B: Annette Carini 1st, Olive Adler 2nd, Donna Huffman 3rd; Flight C: LaVerne Browand 1st, Norma Erickson 2nd, Ginny Simons 3rd; Flight D: Betty Scott 1st, Pat Tarman 2nd, Ann Hurr 3rd Closest to the Pin- Nancy Reichenbache; Chip In - Olive Adler
The winners of the June 14th tournament were: Flight A: Connie Bingham 1st, Marti Babb 2nd, JoAnn Cohen 3rd; Flight B: Sue Marentette 1st, Olive Adler 2nd, Donna Huffman 3rd; Flight C: Bev Schasel 1st, Kate Lott 2nd, Norma Erickson 3rd; Flight D: Ginny Simons 1st, Mary Hart 2nd, Evelyn Exell 3rd Closest to the Pin- Connie Bingham; No Chip Ins.

Royal Oaks Women’s 18 Hole Golf
On Tuesday, June 12, we played our “Flag Tournament” in honor of Flag Day. Each player was given a small flag. On each flag was the number of strokes the player could make before “planting” her flag in the ground. That number of strokes was the course par of 72 plus the player’s handicap. Thus someone with a handicap of 25 would plant their flag after taking 97 strokes (72+25). The winners were: 1st Place- JT Lemasters whose flag made it back to the First Hole by the Green!, 2nd Place- Sylvia Zappia, 3rd Place- Salita Timmermeyer, 4th Place- Carolyn Collins. All three of these members also finished 18 holes and made it back to the fairway of the first hole! Nice play ladies!! Tied for 5th place by holing their ball on the 18th hole were Maureen Edwards, Judy Klein, Sheila Adams, and Beverly Lassiter. Patty Dougherty was “Closest to the Pin.”

Royal Oaks Lady Niners
On June 14 we played “Tee to Green” and 1/2 handicap. There were only 8 players. Everybody seems to be away, so we had only three winners. Tied in first Sam Timmermeyer and BJ Lassiter, third Rae Stover. We hope to have a better turn out next week.

Mr. Cody’s Corner
I’d really like to know if golfers shouldn’t wear two pair of pants. You know, in case they get a hole in one.
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