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Motorcycle Club journeys to Blue Crab Festival

By Carol Ann Wheeler

The Blue Crab Festival in Palatka, Florida, was the destination ride for the Oak Run Motorcycle Club on Saturday, May 29. In addition to the good ride, the members enjoyed all the interesting booths and of course the food.

Our next meeting is Monday, June 21, at 7 p.m. in Palm Grove. We will be discussing our participation in the Oak Run Fourth of July parade which will take place on Saturday, July 3. Line up is at 7:30 a.m. For more information, call Rod George at 352-854-8721.

Oak Run Travel

A new show has just been announced. “Fiddler on the Roof” will play for one night only, Tuesday, Dec. 7, at the Phillips Center in Gainesville. We will sell the tickets in the Orchid Club lobby on Monday, June 21, from 8 to 9 a.m. The price for the show, bus and tips will be $74. Sign up soon as it is sure to be a sellout. For more information, call Connie Smith or Joanne Misener.

Next Monday, a group will be leaving for Stone Mountain, Georgia. There were two seats available due to illness. The cost is just $185 per person for double occupancy. Call Dick and Elsa Berbig if you are interested in going on this 3-day trip.

The show “Red, While, and Tuna” will be on Sunday, June 27, at the Show Palace. Call George and Barbara Murphy to get on their wait list.

There will be a trip to the Hard Rock Casino on July 26, and there are a few seats available for this trip. Call Valerie Oddo for this trip.

Cedar Key Seafood Festival has a few seats remaining on the bus for the trip on Saturday, Oct. 16. There are arts and crafts along the street and food is available in the park. Seating is available, and a local parade starts at 10 a.m. down the main street. On the way home we will make a stop at the Dakotah Winery for tasting and there is a unique gift shop right in the main room. The cost is only $18. Call Roy and Pat Meinsen for more information.

On Saturday, Sept. 25, we will go to the dog races in St. Petersburg. This is a beautiful new facility for us and also features a poker room and simulcast for you to enjoy. You will start with a buffet lunch which includes both brunch and luncheon items, and you will receive a free program for the races. You can enjoy all this for only $30. Call Bob and Maureen Farulla to reserve your seat.

Oak Run Veterans

The Oak Run Veterans Association will be marching in the Independence Day parade being held on July 3. As in the previous years, the ORVA will have a trailer available for those who would like to ride. The trailer will be at 83rd Street. Those riding in the trailer as well as those who will march in the parade behind the honor guard are asked to please be there by 7:30 a.m. The parade is schedule to start at 8 a.m. This is an opportunity of the ORVA to show the community those who served in the military to protect our freedom. Let’s not forget those who were not able to come home from the battlefields. There will be a cool down held in the auditorium at the conclusion of the parade, where the ORVA will present the flags of each service. Please be on hand, and if possible if you have a small American flag, please bring it as a symbol of dedication to our great nation. The ORVA looks forward to seeing everyone on hand to honor the celebration of the birth of our great nation,

Little Theatre

Oak Run Little Theatre at its June 7 meeting formed a reading committee consisting of Arn and Peg Studer, Frank and Diane Porterfield, Kati Doyle, Dianne Robillard, Dee Gragg, Linda Dalesandry and Art Schmidt. Publishing companies provide catalogs of plays setting forth a synopsis of their plays. There are thousands of such plays. This committee will sort through the catalogs and settle on 40 or so plays they feel they want to consider. Members will read each of these scripts containing several hundred pages and write up a critique. At their meetings they will then dispose of the plays they feel do not merit further consideration. This is a long and arduous process but they will finally determine the one play they feel is a good fit for the club and our audiences.

It was decided because of so many activies in Oak Run around the Fourth of July holiday and with many members away on summer vacations we would not hold our meeting scheduled for July 5. We are pleased that we will enter 11 golf carts in the Fourth of July parade. Our theme is “Cavalcade of Shows” and each cart will be decorated to commemorate one of the plays we have produced over the past 21 years.

More on Donating at No Cost

I am planning to do a thorough clean out of my clothes closet and will be taking (hopefully) bags of stuff to the Hospice shop in Jasmine. If you would like me to take things for you, call me, Carol Ann Wheeler, at 352-873-2964.

Royal Oaks Men’s Golf Association

Here’s some great news. There will be a “Red, White and Blue” special event in the June. The Board of Directors approved the budget changes, and the additional funding.

On June 11, the game was three best net. First place with a score of 185 was the team of Lacey, Smith, Start and Schiavo. The second place team was Dowling, Staiger, Soine, and the ever popular Duke Slayton with a score 190. Third place was captured by the team of Tennant, Gildea, Aubrey, with a blind and a team score of 189. 193 was the score that secured a fourth place tie for the teams of Catapano, Elder, Ducz with a blind, and Terry, Kennedy, Berbig and a blind. Closest to the pin was won on the white tees by Lacey and Smith and on the red tees by Szabo.

All members are requested to check the bulletin board for info on the “Red, White, and Blue” event. Our membership continues to grow and we welcome everyone to check out the benefits of membership. Come join and remember, golf is fun. Lets get more birdies out there!

Royal Oaks Women’s Golf

The game of the day was front nine less ½ handicap. Group one was won by Dianna Love 33. Tied for second were J.T. LeMasters and Carol Dygert with a 34. Mary Kay Frandsen won the second group with a 34. Second was Lynn Houghton with a 36 and third was Maureen Edwards at 37. The third group was won by Kathy Kollar with a 38. Second place went to Ginger Drake with a 39. There was a three-way tie for third place among Pat Salberg, Leslie Rizzo, and Doris Engel with 40. Closest to the pin was won by Noreen Salo.

ORWGA Winners

Another low net tournament took place at Spruce Creek on June 10 and the winners were: Flight A: Judy Gerace, Joan Klier; Flight B: Kate Lott, Norma Rombach; Flight C: Nancy Reichenbacher, Norma Erickson and Flight D: Gerry Painter, Evelyn Exell.

Bev Schasel won the “Closest to the Pin” and Kate Lott won the “double pot” (a two week rollover) for “Chip Ins”. These ladies are “keeping cool” under pressure despite the June temperatures. Well done!!

Do You Remember?

Tune in to channel 12 for Len Teitler’s “Do You Remember?” featuring an informative presentation by Ingrid Crane on the art and benefits of breathing correctly, maintaining good posture and simple exercises to help improve physical and mental well being. It airs following “FYI” at 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. from June 18 to June 25.

Carol Ann’s Corner

Have you tried any of the many games that are played in Oak Run lately? Although never much of a player in the past, I have become acquainted with two that I really enjoy. Every Friday at 1 p.m. there is a gathering of Scrabble and Upwards players in the card room in the Orchid Club. If you like word games you should give it a try. They say word games are great mental gymnastics to keep your brain nimble. The other game I like is Bunco on Saturdays at 6:15 p.m. in the Island Club. No use pretending there is any skill involved in throwing dice. But it sure is fun hoping luck will be with you that particular evening.

When doing my recycling lately I noticed that some of us are not using good recycling manners. There were plastic bags and even a plastic milk jug in the bin reserved solely for aluminum cans. There appeared to be non-newsprint paper in the bin reserved solely for newspapers. Please recycle but be responsible and put only items meant for each bin in them.