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Neighborhood Awareness Program needs you

By Carol Ann Wheeler

The important Oak Run Neighborhood Awareness Program began more than 12 years ago. Some of its volunteers have been with it all that time and are ready to pass the torch to younger residents. NAP is now recruiting new members. Won’t you please help keep eyes and ears out there on the roads of Oak Run? You would only have to patrol once a month, usually for 2 to 3 hours, and attend one meeting per month. Each volunteer has to fill out an application for the Sheriff’s Office and a background check is conducted. If approved, three hours of training is provided before patrolling can begin. If you are interested in helping provide this service to the community call Bette Crouse at 352-873-0871 for an application form or additional information. 

Little Theatre

Oak Run Little Theatre’s next meeting will be on Aug. 2 in the Palm Grove Club at 7 p.m. We will be performing a skit called the “Bank Loan.” The purpose of what we hope will be a series of skits we will put on over the next few months is to encourage people who have never been on stage to try out for some of the parts. This may lead to our finding a new “star” for the Oak Run stage. The skit will be directed by Linda Dalesandry, a first for her. She was the stage manager for “Senior Follies” and did an excellent job. Joing Linda will be Norma Morse, Patti Waddell and Charlie Takesian. “Bank Loan” is a farce in which an unsuspecting couple badly in need of a loan but unemployed is put through the wringer trying to qualify. The performance will be at the completion of our normal meeting and refreshments will be served. Guests are welcome and encouraged to attend. We think you will find it to be a fun night!

Do You Remember?

Tune in channel 12 for Len Teitler’s presentation of Ralph Dragotto’s “Can’t Help Singing” from July 2009 with master of ceremony Damian Romano. The program airs following “FYI” daily at 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. from July 30 to August 6.

Blood pressure clinic

Oak Run volunteers from the Medical Team will be at the Island Club on Monday, Aug. 2, from 2 to 3 p.m. to take blood pressure readings. Do you know what your numbers are? Come find out. 

Southern States Club

The club item in last week’s column kind of blended into the item above it. For any of you that missed it, we want to make sure you know that our next dinner meeting will be Aug. 12 at 6 p.m. at Palm Grove. Erich Neumann is back and will be serving our favorite summer menu, “The Deli Buffet,” plus our very own Damian Romano is the deejay for the evening. If you have not bought your tickets yet, it’s not too late. Stop by the Orchid Club on Aug. 2 from 9 to 11 a.m. Cost is $13 for members and $15 for guests. 

Oak Run Travel

Racing and poker fans should call Bob and Maureen Farulla to get on the trip to the new dog racing facility in St. Petersburg. In addition to dog racing you can enjoy the poker room and a simulcast of other races while you are there. Price includes lunch, program, bus, and driver’s tip for only $30.

DeBary Hall Historic Site on Wednesday, Oct. 20, has a few seats available due to a cancellation. Call Jan and JoAnn Flickinger. DeBary Hall was a winter retreat which became a center for hospitality in the 1870s. Included in the trip will be a guide who will explain the unique amenities of DeBary Hall’s 140-year history. We will eat (on your own) in Sanford at the famous Willow Tree Cafe which is noted for its excellent German food.

There are still a few tickets available for Celtic Thunder from Oak Run Travel. The tickets at Ruth Eckerd Hall are all sold out. The show will be Tuesday, Nov. 23, at 7:30 p.m. Call Joanne Misener.

If you missed the sign-up for “Fiddler on the Roof,” call Connie Smith for this wonderful trip to the Phillips Center on Tuesday, Dec. 7.

ORWGA Winners

The Oak Run Women Golfers, who play at Spruce Creek CC, held low net tournaments July 15 and July 22. The following are the winners of those competitions.

July 15th: Flight A: Marti Babb, Connie Bingham; Flight B: Joan Klier, Annette Carini; Flight C: Marlena Yaich, Norma Erickson; Flight D: Ruby Shepard, Erika Radke. Closest to the pin was won by Sue Marentette and Donna Huffman had the only chip in.

July 22nd: Flight A: Judy Gerace, Connie Bingham; Flight B: Donna Huffman, Annette Carini; Flight C: Olive Adler, Norma Erickson; Flight D: Ruby Shepard, Ann Hurr. Sue Marentette had the sole chip in and no one won closest to the pin.

Royal Oaks Women’s 18 Hole Golf

On Tuesday, July 20, the game was low net. With a heat index of 105 degrees, most of our scores were higher than usual. The winners were group 1, first place, Sylvia Zappia, 70; second place, Noreen Salo, 73; third place (tie), Carol Dygert, Elsa Berbig and Pat Blackburn, 74. Group 2, first place, Janet Tully, 75; second place, Lynn Houghton, 76; third place, Bea Terry, 78. Group 3, first place Ilene Simnowitz, 68; second place, Sheila Adams, 75; third place, Joanne Morris, 77. Closest to the pin on hole #6 was Dianna Love.

Royal Oaks Lady Niners

The July 22 game was “Low Net.” It was a nice morning to play golf, but for some reason, everyone struggled with their game. Ilene Simnowitz took first place and Eleanor Cerlenko was second. Sally Crass, B. J. Lassiter, and Joan Scholl tied for third place.

All ladies living in Oak Run are welcome to play with the Lady Niners on Monday mornings. The tee-times are noted on the sign-up sheet in the ladies’ locker room.

Carol Ann’s Corner 

Earlier this year I drove to Orlando and seemed to have a misadventure at almost every toll both. A couple of times I missed the basket with the coins. The last straw was when, having run out of coins, I went to hand the person in the toll both a $5 bill and the wind blew it out of my hand! On the way back I stopped on the turnpike and bought one of the inexpensive SunPass stickers that uses your windshield as an antenna (as best as I could figure out.) Nothing fancy but I figured I wouldn’t need to deal with money any more. I used it for a couple of trips and everything went very well as I zipped through the SunPass lane with the overhead “thingy” reading my sticker and deducting the tolls.

A couple of trips ago I began to wonder if I needed to put more money on the SunPass. I tried to access my account online but had my usual problem trying to remember my password. Was it four letters or six? Did it have numbers in it or not? Nothing worked so I decided to just keep using the pass and figured it would tell me when it was used up. After all, the electronic signs at the toll booths had been saying “low balance” for some time. I just didn’t know how low.

On the fateful trip I decided that all the money must be gone, or at most I had something like 10 cents on it, so at the first toll booth I went up to the toll taker with money in hand. To my surprise the gate opened before I could even hand her the money. I said, “There can’t be any money on there,” but she just shrugged and waved me through. The same thing happened at each toll both all the way down and all the way back. The only thing I could figure was that additional money had been automatically put on the pass from the credit card I originally used, although I hadn’t been able to find anything on any subsequent credit card statements.

A few days after after my return I received a postcard in the mail stating that I had been illegally using a SunPass that had no money on it! I called the 800 number on the postcard and told my tale to a nice lady. She sounded as though she had heard the same story many times before. She assured me I was not about to receive a ticket and that all I had to do was give her a credit card number and she would clear my negative balance and put as much money as I wanted on the SunPass. She also gave me a new password (and told me to write it down) as well as arranging for my credit card to be debited for a set amount any time the pass went below a certain level. She was very efficient in every respect but one. She could not give me an understandable answer to my question, “Why did the gates keep opening for a SunPass with nothing on it and why couldn’t the toll takers tell there was nothing on it.” I can only surmise that answer lies somewhere in the area of computer programming.

So those of you with the $4.99 SunPass specials be warned. You are apparently on your own as far as keeping track of the amount of money on the pass.