Not going to vote? Then don't complain

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A South Marion Citizen editorial

By The Staff

There are a whole bunch of candidates out there who are waiting to see what you do next Tuesday.

Across the state, voters will cast ballots in the primary election, in some cases choosing party candidates to be on the ballot in November, but in others making the final choice of who gets elected.

The School Board race is vital, because this is the chance to elect your candidate. This is a non-partisan race, so it doesn’t go to the November ballot.

If too many people stay home, we will be settling for a small turnout making the judgment on who the decision makers behind our children’s education will be.

That would be a shame.

Do you, or someone you know, have any court appearances planned. Perhaps you’ll be appearing in front of one of the two finalists for circuit court judge. If you don’t vote, you may not get the person you like.

Many local residents have been on the campaign trail for months now. They’ve given up their free time to attend political events to meet and greet people and ask for their vote. They’ve studied the issues in an effort to become the best qualified candidate.

We can thank those running for office by showing up to vote. It doesn’t take much time.

Perhaps you’ve already voted during the “early voting” phase. If that’s the case, thank you for taking care of your civic duty.

For those who haven’t taken advantage of the early voting option or mailed in their absentee ballot – Tuesday is the day.

Here in Marion County, 212,480 people are registered to vote. Many of those will vote for the first time. Just as many probably won’t bother to vote - and that’s a shame.

Voting is a duty for Americans. Voting honors our veterans, those still living and those that have fallen, that fought to preserve our voting rights.

In American, we have the right to complain about politics. Before we open our mouth or pick up a pen to argue, we need to look inward. If we didn’t vote, we lost our right to complain.

So if someone comes along and asks you what are you doing on Tuesday – tell them you’re going to vote. Invite a neighbor to come to the polls too.

It’s a trip worth the effort.