No Safe Food Act

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Letter to the editor by D.I. Larson

Congress just doesn’t get it

The Senate just passed the Safe Food Act? Why?

Where will the money come from to support a new cadre of bureaucrats? The FDA is not doing its job now. We have food alerts regularly. They cannot handle the job they are already entrusted with, why would we want to broaden the scope of what they can meddle in?

More bureaucrats, more bureaucrats to support, this is how you implement smaller government? Not in my book.

By what stretch of the imagination does the government have any authority to meddle in the production of food? Where does one find that in the Constitution? Just because they do it does not mean it is legal, moral, or ethical.

One tidbit I gleaned from the net today: It will be illegal to have, and store seeds. Say what?? Are we nuts? Are we going to stand for seed control? What next?

Why do bureaucrats want to control our food? That makes me curious? What do you think? One of those czars does not want us to eat meat. Is this an incremental step down that road? As Beck says, what does this all mean? Where are we headed? Is food rationing on the agenda, down the road? Is that the secret weapon they mean to use to control obesity?

Does anybody still trust our elected officials?

Thinking, feeling, and acting, as free human beings, is becoming more of a chore with each new law that is passed. We need to rescind, rescind, rescind. That is the mantra we need to shout from the rooftops. Rescind.

D.I. Larson