No more excuses from Washington

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By Robert E. Beckner

As promised last week, more of the same on current America. Republicans wanted cheap wages; Democrats wanted votes, so nothing was done. Again and again our so-called political leaders have sold out the American public. Each and everyone who votes for illegals must be removed, one way or another.

Now we have a real problem – we stopped the McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill last June and yet the liberals, like Pelosi, are still trying in a multitude of ways to get more illegals into our country and make the 12 to 20 million already here legal. The two Republican senators from Texas are the reason for the bill that has presently stopped the fence from being built for three years, and you can just see the glee on the face of liberal Democratic politicians and a few “RINO” Republicans including President George Bush and senators John McCain and Mel Martinez.

In the border states you hear complaints that the fence would hurt their economy – what’s wrong with these people, where is their sacrifice for America’s good? Shame on those who think that way.

Another big item that must be dealt with is “foreign aid.” We cannot continue to support all these countries that we “give” supplies and dollars to, mostly because they hate us and vote against everything we want to do through the crooked U.N.

The relief items we send are actually sold to their poor people, so the money goes to the crooked dictators and presidents. This is driving our country into bankruptcy. Can’t we see that?

We presently have troops stationed in 100 countries around the world – thousands of them in Europe and Asia. Some have been there for 50 to 60 years. Let’s bring them home – too bad for those countries’ economies, it is our economy we should be concerned with.

When we bring our troops home put them on our Canadian and Mexican borders and close them tight. The constitution says the government’s main job is to protect American borders and they currently are not doing that, nor have they for years.

The unpopular war in Iraq is necessary to keep Iran from taking over the Middle East (Syria, Lebanon, Egypt). Oil is the name of the game and if Iran gains control there will be no price to us for oil – they just won’t sell us any.

Now do you see why we must drill our own oil and start up nuclear plants, etc. We refuse to drill for our own oil thanks to the stupidity of some Democrats and others with wrong opinions. It all comes down to money.

Why, since our Army and Marines are worn out, battered and small in numbers – not enough to even defend our country if directly attacked, why don’t we reintroduce a draft? Ask the politicians.

Let’s start by drafting the kids of all our politicians; most politicians never served a day in uniform. We couldn’t have a draft and leave their kiddies out of it now could we?

That’s why we don’t have a draft now – politicians don’t want it for that very reason. They would prefer to keep paying out thousands of dollars to each current volunteer who re-enlists.

All young Americans (18 to 20) should be required to serve at least two years active duty in the military service of their choice and five years of reserve duty, no excuses. It’s the patriotic thing to do. It would help these young boys and girls to grow up, respect authority and give them some backbone before getting a real job or continuing their education.

That’s another thing – not every kid needs to go to college. It’s an expense most parents can’t afford, and God knows the state isn’t holding down costs. Some kids go because their friends are going and they don’t’ want to miss the fun of booze, parties and sex.

Very few jobs actually require an advanced education – we will always need mechanics, police and prison guards, plumbers, carpenters, roofers, cement workers, electricians, truck drivers, etc., all good paying jobs that don’t require a college degree.

There are so many things that need attention, but to do so would require a book. Seriously, are you as fed up with what’s going on as I am?

We can all just sit around and complain about it but if someone doesn’t pick up the gavel and start the ball rolling to get these misfits out of Congress, then we’ll continue to be under the thumb of their own opinions while they ignore what we say. If I were a little younger and had my health back, I’d be leading the charge with perhaps a million-person smarch on Washington to get their attention.

The 18-wheel drivers had the right idea recently, but don’t just drive slowly around Washington, D.C.; stop and park the big rigs, thousands of them, and block traffic until Congress convened and say diesel will now be limited to $2 a gallon. Now that would be a victory we’d all like to see.

We don’t want excuses or reasons that things can’t be done, just results. That’s what it will take to wake up those “so-called” leaders so they’ll do the job we elected them to do.

Liberalism is really piecemeal socialism, and socialism always attacks three basic social institutions; religion, the family and private property. Religion, because it offers a rival authority to the state. Family because it means a rival loyalty to the state and property because it means material independence of the state ee Joe Sabran.

Robert E. Beckner lives in Majestic Oaks with his wife, Sarah. He is a retired private investigator and insurance adjuster. He has also been a photographer and served with the Military Police in the Marine Corps.