The New Year

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A South Marion Citizen editorial

As 2010 fades into oblivion, we look forward to 2011 with anticipation.

Will this be the year the economy turns around?

Will this be the year we can declare victories over fear, intimidation and terrorism?

Will this be the year that the federal government begins to understand that people want less government, not more, in their lives?

Will this be the year that Marion County officials will realize that the people are tired of unplanned growth and overcrowded roads?

Will this be the year that officials learn to make the country less dependent on foreign oil, so that the gas prices will moderate somewhat from the late-year surge in 2010?

Will this be the year that state officials learn that they should let their teachers do their jobs that they were trained for, without the burden of unnecessary regulations and oversight from Tallahassee and Washington?

Finally, will this be the year that we all learn to get along without radical dissent on both sides of the aisle, that all of us work together to make a better America?

We hope so. Meanwhile, enjoy your New Year’s weekend, and remember, don’t drink and drive while you’re celebrating.