A new threat to America: ‘Common-ism’

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By Robert E. Beckner

With our country mired in the worst economic situation since the depression of 1929, due to our government’s “bailout” of, first, Wall Street firms, banks and mortgage companies, they then shift the program to credit cards, college loans and auto loans, to finally the big three auto makers. We will reserve judgment on all of this at this time because we’ve discovered, thanks to Tom DeWeese, a far more sinister threat to our way of life. It’s hard to believe it’s coming out at just this time of our lives.

It’s called, for the want of a better term, “common-ism.” You won’t hear our politicians talking about it and legislation never addresses it. This is a new dark force emerging around the world from the Soviet Union.

Most of the nations on earth have embraced it due to the United Nations being behind the policies driving it. This common-ism has no announced enemies, yet it denounces free enterprise, individual liberty, private property ownership, as well as local control of schools and communities.

Mr. DeWeese is writing a book to help us arm ourselves with the facts, so we will not be its next victim. Unless we understand this new threat, we are liable to lose our homes (foreclosures the highest since 1929); our jobs (watch how so many are going overseas every day); and yet to come, the inability to raise our children as we see fit in our own homes, as even now in our schools our kids are following an implemented federal education curriculum that is leading the nation into a continuing crisis of illiterate “dumbed-down” children.

Yet to come is a “ruling principle” which will decide proper societal conduct for every citizen. This would include everything you eat, what you wear, the kind of home you live in, the way you get to work, the number of kids you may have and even your own education and employment decisions.

You will be called upon to “voluntarily” agree to this life style, but the federal government would use its full power to enforce what is has decided is “correct behavior.” Getting away from individual control we find a world of common security, standards, markets, currencies and common borders in a world defined as global “commons.”

This should remind you of the “North American Union” efforts of President Bush to merge our country with Canada and Mexico, to create a European-like union. Mr. DeWeese is the one who first brought this secret attempt by our administration to destroy our sovereignty.

It is slowly dying once people learned about it, but still is not totally dead. Mr. DeWeese also brought to light the U.N.’s “Sustainable Development – aka Agenda 21.” This man knows of what he speaks and I can’t wait until his book, Dawn of the Era of Common-ism, comes out.

What makes common-ism so dangerous is that too many of our elected officials are unaware of its dangerous agenda. This is because it is moving forward very slowly, one law and one regulation at a time.

It is always disguised as popular environmental policy or education reform or even as more efficient government. Some who realize that communism is duped, capitalism is fading (thanks to socialism), and that common-ism is the new order.

It is coming to the point of you having to make a vital choice to continue to live in a way to preserve our nation with the liberties provided for us all by our founding fathers or the world of common-ism. The United Nations already has in place treaties that threaten the U.S. sovereignty, a lot of them already signed by the Clinton administration and not a one canceled by the Bush administration, and the incoming administration has indicated his love for the U.N., so very doubtful of any of the following will be canceled.

We’ll begin with global warming (Al Gore’s baby), biosphere reserves, World Heritage sites, population control, habitat development, etc. All these treaties call for massive regulations on American home building, business growth, control of private property and family development.

The most popular movement in America (and the most dangerous to more than a few) is the Trojan horse being used by common-ism architects to get Americans to voluntarily give up their liberties; its name is environmental-ism. From its Clean Air Act, to the Endangered Species Act to the Roads to Trails, to spotted owls, to smart growth to sustainable development, America is drowning in a sea of environmental regulations. Most people fail to connect them to the high cost of gasoline, heating bills or even loss of jobs or shortages of food (we ship it to those countries who are our enemies).

Another sinister rhetoric heard is that America must be under a framework of open American borders, cultural diversity and common heritage of every nationality “except American.” All this for an “individual community of interest.”

It looks bad, folks, that’s why we must learn all we can, arming ourselves with facts, so this common-ism can and must be stopped.

“My reading of history convinces me that the most bad government results from too much government,” Thomas Jefferson.

Robert E. Beckner lives in Majestic Oaks with his wife, Sarah. He is a retired private investigator and insurance adjuster. He has also been a photographer and served with the Military Police in the Marine Corps.