The new America 04-01-2011

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Letter to the editor by Jerry Segovis

The national and state Republican Party has been in favor of smaller government to save our country from massive deficit spending from the freewheeling Democrats during the past two years. What Republicans haven't told you is that the best way to achieve this goal is to subcontract work to the lowest bidder which may or may not be from America.

Subcontracting and shipping jobs overseas does not necessarily help our economy when many of these companies do not pay benefits and only allows a small amount to Social Security. More retired workers must rely on Social Security for their primary income because the few companies that are left in America are not able to pay benefits toward retirement programs.

The middle class must accept these lower salaries to pay for these tax cuts so that the rich are able to maintain the lifestyle that they are entitled to. The working people must cut back on their basic needs and goals such as home ownership.

One new homeowner has been praising our new Republican leadership because of the fact that she has moved up so far in status during this new administration concerning her new home. Her old home was just a mid-size Chevy and she now lives in luxury in her 1957 Crown Victoria station wagon where the rear seat folds down to a double bed large enough for her whole family.

Jerry Segovis