Needs testing for Social Security

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Letter to the editor by Joe Peck 01-07-2011

By Joe Peck

Step one: Convince Americans that the wealthy should get reduced or even no Social Security benefits.

Step two: The wealthy will almost certainly and justifiably protest. How can they be required to pay into the system if they are never going to benefit from it?

Step three: We enact an “opt out” provision for the wealthy and “constitutionally) if one group of Americans is allowed to opt out then that choice must be available to all Americans.

If a large enough portion of Americans opts out in fear of the popular rumor that they will never have the chance to receive benefits, then the entire system implodes. Moreover, many of the Americans who would opt out in favor of a small “short term” financial advantage will face financial disaster in their senior years. A new “Senior Welfare Program” might replace the Social Security system.

Snap! The end of Social Security in three simple and plausible steps.

Joe Peck