National hysteria and the electoral votes

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Column by Jim Clark

By Jim Clark

Back in the fall of 1960, I was a senior at Bergen Catholic High School in northern New Jersey. During the months leading up to the presidential election, there was mass hysteria across the land because we were probably going to elect a Catholic president, the first in the nation’s history.
As John F. Kennedy came closer to winning the election, the outcry became greater. Thoughts like “The pope is going to come over here and take over America” were spread over the land, and remember, we didn’t have the Internet, Facebook or Twitter in those days.
Finally, JFK took over the White House and no gloom and doom predictions happened, and three years later when he was assassinated, national hysteria turned into national mourning.
These memories all came back during recent events in which the liberal backers of Hillary Clinton tried every backdoor maneuver to get the electors to ignore their responsibility and erase more than 200 years of history. Cooler heads prevailed, and the Electoral College stayed the course, electing Donald Trump.
Of course, the hysteria didn’t die down. At one state site, after the vote was announced, a woman shouted, “Thanks for giving us Hitler!”
Give me a break, lady. The guy hasn’t even taken office yet.
Some things struck me about this election.
First, the Democrats seem to forget that in 2008, Hillary Clinton ran against Barack Obama and lost in the primaries, not even getting to the general election. Now this year, she lost in November, making her 0-for-2 in presidential races. That’s not a very good batting average. It puts her right up there with Adlai Stevenson.
Second, just a few short months ago, the liberals were blasting Trump for saying that if he lost, he might not accept the results. That’s un-American, they cried. That’s poor sportsmanship, they cried. Yet, when Hillary lost, the Democrats took to the streets in protest and refused to accept the results of the election. A little hypocritical, don’t you think?
Third, there’s the popular vote argument, which to me is a great argument for keeping the Electoral College. Hillary won the popular vote in the country by 2,864,974 votes. But Hillary won the popular vote in California by 4,269,978 votes. That means if you take California out of the equation, Trump won the other 49 states by 1,405,004.
That begs the question: Do we really want California electing our president?
That’s why we have the Electoral College in the first place. It’s a matter of states rights. But the big-government liberals don’t see it that way. They want the feds to control our lives.
 I will concede that the Electoral College needs tweaking. First, get rid of the word “college.” Just make it  “electoral votes.”
Keep the math the same, but make the electoral vote count instantaneous. After all, it works for the TV networks. On election night, once each state’s winner is determined, forward that information to the Federal Election officials. Once a candidate gets the 270 votes, it’s over. No need for weeks of speculating or having political hacks gather to “cast their ballots.”
In fact, I would change inauguration day to the day after Thanksgiving, and that would also be the first day for Congress. Eliminate the hysteria and eliminate the lame ducks.
But for now, the time for hysteria is over, and it’s time to work together. But it really isn’t that long to the 2020 campaign. Donald Trump vs. Michelle Obama, anyone?
Jim Clark is the editor of the South Marion Citizen and West Marion Messenger.