MRMC selective with patients 02-11-2011

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Letter to the editor by Bill Ford

I found out the hard way  there are doctors MRMC advertised to be on the hospital the staff of MRMC, who will not see a patient if they have been previously seen by  another doctor for the same condition. This seems quite out of the ordinary. I know there are doctors who may not take new patients if their practice is full and this is understandable. What happens when a patient is seen by another doctor in another city for the same condition but can't get back to see that doctor. Trouble.

Having spent a great portion of my life as a Medicare auditor and managing the Medicare "B" program for Wisconsin, plus hospital administration, this doctors' approach is quite strange. I guess if MRMC is telling us that  a doctor they are advertising as one of their specialists, really isn't.

When a patient has been seen or had surgery by a physician in a distant city  and now needs a local physician, apparently MRMC gives their doctors the leeway to accept or not accept a patient even when they are covered by Medicare and secondary insurance. Apparently MRMC doesn't need the money and neither does the doctor. Having spent most of my life in medicine and Oh Yes, I have a doctor in the family, and we both see something strange about this selectivity.

So folks out there, it would be well to see a physician in a private practice rather than an MRMC employed physician. It can save you a lot of heartache in the long run.

Bill Ford