MRMC, a Class Act 02-18-2011

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Letter to the editor by Bill Ford

Well, I'm usually writing articles championing a cause or taking to task a wrong doing. I did so last week in the Citizen. I wrote an article regarding service denied me by an MRMC employee working for a doctor from whom I was seeking care.

Well, "Chicken Lickin', the Sky is Falling" is an understatement here. But this falling sky was like a rainbow and one of the most memorable and pleasant ones I've ever experienced. Which, brings me to the headline, MRMC, a Class Act.

As we all know the Citizen is delivered to our driveway on Friday mornings here in Oak Run. Later that morning I had a call from Ryan Gerds, MRMC's Manager of Public Relations, to offer any help he could give and to understand what the problem might be. This is where the niceties began. Then I received a call from Mark Miller, Senior Vice President of Physicians Relations and Robert Putzey, Director of Practice Management. Man, here are three of the nicest guys you could ever want to meet and should be included in a golf foursome. Of course, Mark and I went to Stetson University and we did a lot of reminiscing with me doing most of the talking.

The reason for their calls, after being referred by Ryan, was to also find out what the problem was and let me know me this is not the way MRMC does business. These guys, and I like to call them guys, as I feel I've made three new friends, talked with me and definitely not in an intimidating but a friendly way, to let me know this is not the way MRMC does business and the problem would immediately be corrected. And man, was it, immediately. I mean right now. 

I'm being redundant here, but I've never talked to three nicer people and we plan to meet in person sometime in the near future. I'm here to tell you that you will never ever receive better attention from any organization than MRMC. I am, and always will be an MRMC supporter.

Shortly after we hung up the physician I wanted to see, called me personally and we had a very nice talk about my problem. He personally made an appointment for me to see him on Friday the 18th. How about that? I won't mention the physician’s name as it would serve no purpose because he was not directly involved with the situation. I also told Mark Miller, I didn't want the person I talked to be reprimanded, as she was just doing her job.

So, here's one endorsement for MRMC and I’m sure there are others out there. It would be a nice idea if those people, who have experienced the fine care MRMC gives, would write their endorsement of MRMC to the Citizen. Remember, as I've written before supporting the hospital, "MRMC is Our Hospital."

 Bill Ford