Moms honored at a special early breakfast

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By Rog Patterson

Marion Landing celebrated Mother’s Day a bit early two weeks ago with our annual breakfast honoring resident mothers, orchestrated by Joe Raffony’s team of hubbys. There was a super turnout with all but one male prep and service, great food and even a long- stemmed rose for each mother attending.

Did you know that Mother’s Day actually goes back to Greek mythology origins when Rhea, mother of the gods, was an excuse for celebrating each spring …. much later, on the fourth Sunday of Lent back in the 1600s, English mothers were honored with “Mothering Sunday.” In those days, servants of the wealthy usually lived in their employers’ homes, often far from their own. The servants were given that annual Sunday off to spend the day with their mothers. There was even a special “mothering cake” expected to be brought for dear old Mum by her visitors.

Bounce this around

Is it already love bug time again? Driving back from DeLand the other day, several “smears” on the windshield reminded me of this tip. From nearly two dozen oddball uses of Bounce anti-cling sheets received in a recent e-mail, it may soon be the most helpful:

Wet a Bounce sheet, hose down your car, and wipe love bugs off easily with the wet Bounce.

No, I haven’t confirmed it with Snopes or used it myself. You’re on your own.

Scotch Doubles

Looks like Bud Stevens’ long-since-famous Scotch Doubles “9 Pin No Tap” bowling tournament scored another success. After using our Marion Landing alleys for several years, the thirteen couples had to roll their two games at Galaxy West Lanes. John and Mary Dwyer were the overall winners but they and everyone else also received prizes from local merchants including Oasis Restaurant, Sullivan’s Pontiac, David’s Plaza Lunch, CiCi’s Pizza, Scoops Ice Cream Emporium and Aunt Fannies Restaurant. Let the good times roll!

Other digicam uses

Way back when, early digital cameras really were bigger then a breadbox. But today, you can get semi-pro performance from a digicam that slips into a shirt pocket. Now I know you seldom take that camera out of your dresser drawer unless it is to shoot a few pictures of your cat, maybe some vacation pictures, a party or perhaps a relative’s portrait. A friend of mine once managed to get pictures he took at Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving all on a single roll of 35mm film. But how about some good reasons to have a handy digicam with you more often than that?

You might take a picture of some computer monitor image you can’t save otherwise, or snap step-by-step pictures of something you are taking apart - just to make sure it can go back together again. With some digicams, you can even use the focus-assist lamp beam as a mini flashlight.

You go on vacation to a distant or unfamiliar place. A photo of the airport parking lot lane marker makes it much easier to find your car when you get back a week or more later. And pictures of your hotel entrance and room door number can be mighty useful in a country where language might be a problem. Need to copy a presentation, an interesting for-sale sign or billboard advertisement, class notes or some important document? Use your digicam. Involved in a fender bender or have a problem with defective merchandise? Boy, a few on-the-spot photos could make things a lot easier to resolve. And, having photographed your young visiting grandchildren before leaving home for Silver Springs or Universal Studios, should you get seriously separated, at least you’ll have a picture of what the kids look like and the clothes they are wearing.

I’d be surprised if these ideas don’t prompt you to think of a few more. Some of these pictures might even impress you enough with the results to submit one or two for posting on our Marion Landing Web site’s “Neighborhood Album” page. You just need to click on www.marionlanding.org to find out how easy that can be.

Rog Patterson is a Marion Landing resident and Friendship Kiwanis member. Contact him with news for the column, he’s in the Landing phone directory.