MIA: Made in America 05-20-2011

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Letter to the editor by D.I. Larson

Made in China: indeed.

This is akin to the phrase popular in my childhood: “Made in Japan”. Translated, this meant junk. Now, that phrase applies to Chinese goods. More each day. The quality keeps going down, while the prices keep going up. Surely, America can make a decent set of sheets for $199, a recently advertised price.

Example: Is it too much to ask for a sheet that stays on a mattress as you sleep? After trying many brands, I have yet to find one that does not flip off the mattress, while in use. American made, meant quality made. Does anyone remember those days?

Cheaper is another issue. When the tag on a simple cotton nightgown says $48, do not even try to tell me we cannot produce a nightgown of an even better quality at that price. The “powers that be” do not want it that way. We must spread the wealth, and Americans must pay, and suffer. Those dratted “selfish” Americans.

America is being shafted by her own corporations. We must find a new Business Model to do an end run around those huge global (the way they now view themselves, American corporations no longer exist) corporations.

Hugh corporations lose touch with reality, their employees, and their customers. Corporate leaders are out there in some rarified global atmosphere, far removed from real people.

Making “things” has to be brought back closer to the makers, sellers, and consumers of goods, and to America,  may I be so bold as to suggest a return to the small community business model, with the town’s people as the owners, workers, stockholders, and profiteers of business. What greater incentive to succeed? Of course this requires an honest competitive playing field, and this is the sticking point. Can we compete honestly?

Do we have the “right stuff” to take this bull by the horns, and tame him, or do we slide onward into oblivion, cream puffs to the very end?

Come on America:” Made in America.” Make the phrase meaningful once more. SOOB: (texting) Save Our Own Butts. GBA: God Bless America.

D.I. Larson