Met any likeable blue dogs lately?

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By Wendy Binnie

What’s with the Blue Dog Democrats? They are using all kinds of excuses to justify their treasonous behavior to the party. Don’t they realize that through their actions, these so-called Democrats are imperiling everything fought for?

Or is it just another case of politics as usual.

From what rooftop do we have to yell to get them to pay attention? It looks like they’re thinking about two years ahead.

You don’t take over eight years of a disaster and expect it to change overnight.

They have to give this administration a chance! For the most part, although Obama hasn’t tackled everything, he’s made more improvements in one day than Bush did in eight years.

Of course, Bush didn’t care; nor did Cheney.

And now all of their collaborators can only say “No, No” and show evidence of amnesia. But the truth remains that they brought America to its knees.

All presidents are not the same.

And now, these Blue Dogs. They need to cut the guy some slack. He’s held office for only two months! Look at your television, read the papers – we finally have a president — not to mention a first lady — who is admired and liked by the rest of the world. Yes, that is the same world we all live in. Their visit overseas was a spectacular achievement.

Why didn’t all of these Blue Dogs speak out when the store was given away?

All they are spouting is nothing more than gobbledygook. Let’s get on their case to rejoin the party and stop bitching for no good reason!

It seems that the media is given free access to the radio waves and the airways by law in exchange for communicating the truth.

That is the concept behind the exchange.

Unfortunately, in recent years, the FCC has lost its way and tended to bend one way or another for personal advantage, now leasing most of the available media channels to a handful of companies that dominate the media directly in conflict with the charter of the FCC.

It is the truth that seems to suffer most these days as broadcasters find themselves between ye olde rock and the proverbial hard place.

The crux of the problem is simply this: there is too little content to fill too many hours.

As a consequence, these “talking heads” tend to inflate the truth with their own thoughts — which usually tend to be less than incisive or particularly informative.

Anyone who has played around with symbolic logic would get the point right away.

We are submerged in a flood of misappropriated syllogisms that don’t hold up and don’t stand the test. The model seems to suggest that if you don’t have anything to say, say it over and over again and embellish it with adjectives and adverbs.

Don’t worry about the facts either, because few people know them. And when you throw some new hyperbole into the pot, all you do is enhance your stock because nobody knows that you could be, and probably are, wrong. Playing this name game is oftentimes tantamount to not having anything of meaning to say.

That’s why you hear Chris Matthews spouting the same tired rhetoric over and over again. Not to single him out because he tries; but the Fox guys don’t stop there. Their invention machine is working on overtime to spout out anything that seems to draw an audience.

If the President discovered a cure for cancer and solved the economic woes of the world, those boys would find some way to downgrade the accomplishment and say it was stolen from the previous administration. Repetitive sound bytes tend to get remembered. Keep it short. Keep it newsy whether it is news or not. And don’t worry about the facts!

Increasingly that is the formulae used by Fox.

The sad part is nobody holds their dirty feet to the fire — except for Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. Olbermann’s running battle with ‘Billo’ O’Lielly is worth the price of admission.

It is tiresome to hear the same old lies spouted over and over again and aided and abetted by self-serving politicians who don’t mind patting themselves on the back for their purported selfless acts of serving the people and being sure to take credit for it.

Most have now learned how to play the game with a straight face and it is disturbing that any honest person can be so taken in. But it happens more often than not.

Everyone hears about how farsighted Fox was in anticipating the news or how brilliant their commentators are at presenting the truth. Sure! Want to buy a nice bridge in Brooklyn?

During the campaign for Dean, media combat teams were set up to contest the half-truths and shibboleths tossed out by an irresponsible media. Let’s do it again – though Colbert’s Truthyness could be used.

It has become unflatteringly obvious that both parties have become little more than a group of loosely held politicians who put their own welfare above the publics they swore to protect. It has also become stunningly clear that the only way this will change is to make our politicians dependent again on the voting public.

We must disentangle politics from business interests by disallowing money from private business groups and lobbyists from flowing into the coffers of politicians seeking political office.

The amounts and sources must be closely controlled and the power of media advertising using business money removed from the equation.

The politicians must  once again draw their strength and their staying power from the people, not the inventiveness of business or lobbyists seeking blatantly to impose their own agendas which does a total disservice to the notion of democracy. And these admonitions and serious suggestions apply especially to the Blue Dogs!

As I was saying…

Wendy England Binnie, a novelist and op/ed columnist, lives in Oak Trace Villas with her cats.